Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I must be mad .....

I'm on the Primary School PTA (Parent Teacher Association) again this year and our next event at the end of March is a Ladies Pamper Night (my suggestion!). We have some lovely shopping stalls booked like the Body Shop, soap & candles, handbags etc, plus mini pamper treatments throughout the night, wine and nibbles, plus (fingers crossed) a mini fashion show.

My next bright idea was to provide a small free goody bag, but when I was asked what would go in it, I really excelled myself and dropped myself in the deep end yet again. When will I learn to keep my mouth shut. (I'm only joking really, I've been having fun, as you will see!)

Well, I said, we could have an individually wrapped chocolate heart or two, I have 50 bottles of mini hand lotion (the kind you get in hotels), plus we could give them a lovely crocheted flower corsage. Then we could put in any discount leaflets or business cards the stallholders could provide and there may be some other little things we can think of to go in. But who will make a crocheted corsage?.........

I'm half way there, here are the first 30.

I've used every ball of yarn I have and altered the buttons to try and make them all unique. I'm sure the Mums don't want to see someone else in the playground with a matching corsage. Unfortunately I can see that I do tend to go for one particular colour palette!!

My favourite button is this little sheepy one.

This very fluffy yarn with the gold metallic thread was a real *@$* to crochet with and I won't be using it again. It's hard to see in the photo, but it's quite sparkly in real life.

My favourite one so far though is this blue one, I don't know why as it's usually the lilacs I prefer.

Someone suggested putting a price on the goody bag, e.g. "a free goody bag worth $20" kind of thing, but I'm wondering what all you lovely peeps, think these would be worth?

Can you see a favourite? Any ideas what else could go in the bag?

Actually, the fact that I'm on the PTA and back crafting probably means I'm not as mad as I was a year ago. I certainly couldn't have faced it then.

Still stepping out in faith and sending you blessings.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx