Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bags of Fun

Well some fun and a lot of hard work.....

Firstly apologies for my absence. I am nearly finished with all my makes for Number 2 son's PTA Christmas Fayre next week and I do promise to share them a.s.a.p.

Secondly, massive, massive thanks to the amazing, gorgeous and very generous Frugalmummy who gifted me this amazing Toyota sewing machine. My first ever!!! I am still getting to grips with it and have gone a long way today with my learning as you are about to see.

Lastly, what another fabulous day with Frugal Queen at her Bag making workshop.  After a quick lesson on how to load my "bobbin" and get the thread to come back up which I struggled with, we got to sewing the material we had cut out. The food as always was fabulous and very filling, especially the gorgeous cake, all of which are on Froogs blog.

Frugalmummy and Froogs' finished bags were superb. I'm still waiting to see the other two finished articles as the remaining 3, myself included were a bit slower.

My finished bag is anything but perfect. We won't mention the lining with the beginners mistake of one right side and one wrong side, or my wonky stitched lines, the rather odd shoulder patches on the straps, etc, etc. However, no matter how dodgy it is, I have to say I am extremely proud of my first ever machine stitched project. I've spent the rest of the evening swearing at it while I tried to get it finished, (during which time I learnt how to wind a new bobbin, with four attempts), and it's not brilliant but it's done for what its worth.

One finished bag!! Not perfect, but my day out certainly was. Thank you ladies, thank you.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx

updated: forgot to say, the fabric was an old navy sheet, a small piece of a double duvet cover bought for £3 from a charity shop and a 'vintage' pillow case.


  1. Congratulations on completing your first machine sewn item- you'll be chruning them out soon! I love the farbics you have chosen :-)

  2. Well I think it's worth more than riches or diamonds, and I'm SO PROUD of you and SO BLESSED to be able to to call you my friend. xxxxx

  3. Great bag - and what a fabulous day you and the others seem to have had together. Wish I lived nearer!!!

    advent blessings xx

  4. I am so pleased that you now have a sewing machine to call your own. Even us experienced sewers have our 'moments' with our machines when they take on a mind of their own lol but practice makes perfect. What a great effort for your first ever machine sewn project, I'm proud of you too :). I'm also a bit envious of you that you got to make something enjoyable, my machine has only been out for mending lately, hardly exciting stuff sewing up armpits of boys school shirts, although I did have a cooler bag experience where I re-stitched the zip & lining together :0 Looking forward to your big reveal on the Christmas Fayre goodies. Sx

  5. That bag is lovely and for your first ever bag, it was stunning. As ever, it was a delight to see you again and we mustn't leave it so long before we get together again xxxx

  6. What a brilliant day you had! Your bag is lovely :-) can't wait to see all your makes xx

  7. Wow! That is amaazing - especially considering your trepidation when beginning with the sewing! My joins at the top of the straps are not great either but I think that we should be proud of ourselves!
    Was lovely to meet you and share the day... thank you for your encouragement!

  8. It's a beautiful bag, and it was wonderful to meet you, hopefully we can get together again some time

  9. Well I think it looks fab. I so wish I lived nearer to be able to join in, trust me I would make yours look professional as my sewing skills are pants! lol.

    X x

  10. Congratualtions on your first completed sewing project....I haven't got that far as'll see on my latest post I've bought myself a sewing machine first one too but not as lucky as you being given one as a gift. My big problem I couldn't thread the needle ...couldn't see the eye of the stupid thing finally got it though and I also had trouble with getting the bottom thread up from the bobbin but hoorary I got there in the end too. Hope soon to be able to actually make something!!

    Amanda :-)