Friday, 16 November 2012

Sew much to do....

.....So little time.

Apologies Followers I am busy setting up a new Facebook page for #2 Son's Primary School PTA, a new Website for the PTA and working on the Committee for our big Christmas Fayre in the Square. This involves creating, printing and packing Letters to Santa Kits  x 100, sets of 4 Christmas Tags with crochet snowflakes (photos to follow) x 25 sets, Christmas paper chains to match my handmade Christmas wreath (photos to follow), Christmas gingham lavender bags - felt snowflakes and buttons to be sewn on, mini crochet Christmas puddings to fit a Ferrero Rochet in, and I think there was another make I supposed to be doing aswell. I'd better go and check my notes.

Sorry can't stop. Be back soon.

Lots of Love 

Arwedd xx


  1. Arwedd, it sounds fabulous! I'm so sorry too because when publishing your comment I DELETED it. And I have no way of getting them back I don't think :-(

  2. Really really want to make a Christmas wreath in knitting or sewing or crochet - any ideas? x
    Also, as I'm not far from you, if I can help out with any of your tasks just give me a text xx

  3. Hi Arwedd
    Just popped by to let you know I haven't forgotten about the blog tagging. Just struggling for time. Sounds like your super busy. Take care.
    Ali x

  4. Hi Arwedd, it's me again. Just letting you know I've answered your questions but with my own twist. Have a lovely day.
    Ali x