Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What's in your stockings?

NO, not those sort of stockings. Despite telling Frugalmummy, I loved her Christmas planning posts, but in my mind it is far too early to be thinking of Christmas, I did promise to post my ideas for stocking fillers for the men in my life.

I always fill all three of them a stocking every year and whilst I know the frugal amongst you may not want to do this, for those who do and are stuck for ideas, here are some I have used over the years. If you have any thoughts or things to add, please leave me a comment, as I am now starting to look for this year.

* Novelty handwarmers. I have bought different ones in the past, e.g. in car shapes, that you can charge in boiling water.
* Socks & Boxers. This is the time all 3 boys get any necessary underwear replacements.
* Tyre Gauge. It's surprising how many of these go missing and DH seems to constantly need one.
* Pack of their favourite Microwave popcorn. That's 2 sweet and 1 salty.
* Mints. My boys like peppermint creams and these are relatively easy to homemake.
* Electrical tape. Boys seem to get through a lot of this and they like different colours. (It's a man thing).
* In the same vein, Duct tape.
* Scratch off lottery tickets. They're the only ones we buy all year, so I allow the extravagance, you never know, one day we might win those millions.
* Batteries. All shapes and sizes, especially if they fit any toys you've bought.
* Cable ties / zip ties.
* WD40 can.
* Sanding block. These also come in different sizes. Even men who aren't into DIY seem to need these.
* Pez candy dispensers and sweets. We now have these in Jungle Animals, Star Wars characters, etc.
* Hot Chocolate sachets
* Small sachets of Aero mint dessert mix
* Jelly packet. Try and find a flavour they don't normally have.
* Car Shammy leather
* Car Sponge
* Aspirin or whatever they take for a headache.
* Toothbrush. I know you're supposed to replace your toothbrush more often but my boys only get a new one each year in their stocking. Although they get replacement electric heads now as the Hygienist insisted on electric toothbrushes.
* Dental floss and inter-whatsit brushes. I have also bought these tiny little brushes for between the teeth before to go in DH's stocking. We have to buy them, so they may aswell go in the stocking. I know it's not romantic, but hey, it's practical.
* Travel size suncream. Ready for summer camps etc.
* SD cards. These are good for their cameras, videos, etc.
* Matches, regular or extra long. Good for lighting the Bar-be-que.
* Glowsticks.
* Earphones 
* Little torches or Maglites. These also seem to be in constant demand, but no supply as they disappear faster than socks.
* Top trumps card sets. There always seem to be a new set out.
* Mini cans of deodorant.
* Mini pens, pencils, novelty erasers and those pencil sharpeners that collect the bits in the bottom.

If the guys have a particular hobby, then that can make things a little easier.
* Packs of seeds. Good for gardeners.
* Hockey ball. I just bought one of these for a stocking in the sale for £2.
* Guitar strings and picks.
* Fishing flies.

You may ask why I'm not doing the same list for girls? Two reasons, 1) girls are easy, they are enough hair accessories and nail varnishes out there to sink a battleship and it's normally the boys we struggle with and 2) I have boys not girls, get over it!!

What else have you put in?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. those random little tools for £1/£2 you find by the checkout in Maplin are always welcome among my menfolk.

    also those small black & yellow miniature clamp thingies which come in packs of 10

    carabiner clips

    bungee cords with hooks

    like duct tape/cable ties/ electrical tape, they seem to like anything which holds things together!!!

    blessings x
    oh, and also gloves, and more toothbrushes

  2. Some really great ideas in there Arwedd & I have printed them for future reference. I already do some of them for the boys, & there are some there that will be useful for the husband too. One of my boys carries electrical tape in his school shorts & back pack - you never know! It also seems to be in every vehicle. As for matches, we get through loads, I have a family of fire lighters, inherited from generations before!

    One thing that my lot find particularly useful is those head lamps - you know, on a band with an led light attached at the front, you wear it around your head & it leaves your hands free.

    Love the legs too. Sx

  3. Was going to ask Angels question,Arwedd,but you answered it!
    Brilliant list,it is only my husband and I this Christmas,children all grown up and living in far away places.We support a few orphanages here in Africa, and are making up Santa shoeboxes for the children,they require 1 tube toothpaste,1 soap, 1 facecloth,so adding from your list Arwedd will add some welcome variety and fun. Thank You hoping and praying that you are doing OK.
    PS Your doing well at this bloggy thing,although im know expert.
    Much love Triciaxx

  4. Thank you!! I always make stockings for the family and the boys are the hardest to buy for! Great ideas!

  5. What a very practical list and some great ideas. I've been trying to ignore posts where the big C is mentioned but I just think I'm going to have to capitulate and copy this list :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  6. What a great list x hope all is well in your world Arwedd, I sent a message of concern via FM. I tried to email you direct but my computer was having none of it!
    Love Rachel xx