Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Slightly Stirred but Definitely Not Shaken

DH and I "got rid of" both Sons earlier today as they are spending time with grandparents for the last couple of days of Half Term.

As we drove away, having dropped them off, DH decided to be spontaneous - it does happen occasionally - and asked if I wanted to go and see the latest Bond movie.

As I've never seen a Bond movie for the first time in the Cinema, I decided to throw caution to the wind and agree to this activity, which these days involves taking out a second mortgage. Well, You Only Live......?

So having just got home, what did I think of the film? 

It was alright, ................ hence my title, ............ but should a Bond Movie be just alright?

I'll try not to give too much away because that wouldn't be fair, but if you really don't want any spoilers then look away now.

The lack of any gadgets is a loss for the boys and the lack of any real romantic interest and one extremely brief scene of Daniel Craig with his shirt off, is surely a loss for the girls. Both of these reduce this down to just any other action movie as far as I'm concerned.

Don't get me wrong some great cinematography, some good car chases, although none in which Bond is actually at the wheel, and some interesting fighting styles, but what makes it any different from a Die Hard or a Mission Impossible?

I know the idea is to convey more realism these days, but for me Bond, James Bond, is meant to be a larger than life character. That should be able to push the limits of believability a tad. When you think Ethan Hunt could beat Bond in a fight, you've dumbed it down too much, for my liking.

The other thing very sadly lacking, as far as I'm concerned, is Bond's sense of humour. I think I could count the funnys on one hand and most of those from other characters. Roger Moore went too far with the silly innuendos and smarmy quips, but there have to be some, don't there?

Poor old George Lazenby, it wasn't his fault he couldn't act, he was a model. Roger Moore, a bit too smarmy. Timothy Dalton, let's not even discuss it, waste of space. Piers Brosnan, not bad close to the right mix of authority and invincibility, with humour thorwn in. Daniel Craig, too dark, needs to lighten up and at the start of this film is out of shape and incompetent, something Bond would NEVER be.

So an Ok film, but my best Bond still remains Sean Connery. How about you?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I thought this might be a Bond film I would I'm having second thougts.
    Jane x

    1. Worth watching, just not necessarily worth £18.oo to do so. However, it's just my humble opinion. I should get a few more views before you write it off, haha!!

      Arwedd xx

  2. Morning sweetie, glad to see you back x I missed you! Doctor who books eh? The things we do for love!
    James Bond.
    I hate them. Cannot stand them.
    My Ma In Law LOVES them all. Last year we bought her the DVD box set of all the Bond films ever. Till they brought this one out!
    Not my cup of tea at all. Top marks to your man for trying though!!!

    1. Not even the glorious Sean??!!


      Arwedd xx