Friday, 2 November 2012

Scrub a Dub Dub

Yesterday I spent the day helping a friend redecorate a bedroom for a new lodger she is taking in. Together we painted the whole ceiling and top of the wall down to the picture rail, twice.

Sadly we just painted the ceiling white!!
After a spot of lunch, we started putting up Wallpaper. Now I have never put up wallpaper in all my life so this was a new experience for me. The paper she had chosen will perfectly suit the chap and although I didn't put enough paste on the first strip, I did a lot better with the second. The pattern was quite easy to match and I helped with the cutting and trimming too. I got a nice tea as a thank you for my assistance. I don't really think I did a great deal, but it was nicer for her to have some company as she worked.

Not my real hands!!  Also, somewhat odd brush action?
However, no good deed goes unpunished, and I got home to find out that our washing machine had broken. In the past, we would have been straight on the phone to call someone out, however, those days are gone. The washing machine was secondhand, so we don't have the instructions, but after quite a lot of internet research DH thinks he has found what the error code means. After further research, DH believes he has found the part needed online for £7.00. 

Prayers please that when this part arrives it will solve the problem without any further expense, as my poor hands are already raw from a days hand-washing. They are clearly not used to hard work, well being immersed in water for a long time anyway, what with the washing machines for both the clothes and the dishes. Having said that, there is something slightly therapeutic in doing it the old-fashioned way. It makes my think of my grandma, who still washed all her "smalls" by hand, even when she got a new fangled twin-tub.

What do you prefer to do the old-fashioned way?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Baking bread. I don't use a bread machine.Also I guess, heating our house.As we don't have central heating we heat by log stove.
    Jane x
    I'd love that ceiling in your photo!

  2. Mashing potatoes! OH is a gadget fiend, and we have a potato ricer, but by the time he's got it out, found the disc etc I've mashed the spuds, ready to serve!! The ONLY good thing about the ricer is that you don't have to peel the spuds! More vitamins and no peeling! But I like my mash WITH lumps!!

  3. Not washing, that's for sure! And it certainly is hard work! One winter I had to do all my washing by hand; not even a spin dryer; frankly I would rather starve!

  4. The only time I do hand washing is when we are at the caravan and I always end up with blisters. I love polishing shoes, none of this liquid polish but a tin of polish, a couple of brushes and a duster for buffing. The polishy smell is gorgeous.

  5. Actually I'm a bit stumped by your question :0 I even do hand washing in the machine such as the technology these days. Do some old fashioned values count?? Good on you for helping out your friend & I hope you get that machine fixed soon :)