Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Flurry of Snowflakes

((AARGGHH!! Computers, sometimes I HATE them. I had a new little 7" tablet for Christmas and I have now tried to blog this post on it three times in one browser and once in Blogger, spent nearly two hours trying to correct it's totally random typing and accidental deleting when the backspace key is pressed, that I am about ready to throw it out of the window, only to end up posting a blank Blog. I have reverted to my 'normal' full sized computer.)) Rant over, that's not what this post is about and breathe!!!

Frugalmummy asked the question "What are you working on?", so I thought I would share with you what I have been making between Christmas and New Year. I made some of these lovely snowflakes to hang on the front of my Christmas cards this year (sorry last year!), which could then be taken off to hang on the tree or twig. I enjoyed them so much I thought I would try joining them together to make a Table Runner.

I haven't got a table big enough to show it all, but here is 2/3rds. It has 12 snowflakes in the middle row and is made from cotton. Do you think it would benefit from blocking? and does anyone know if this works just the same with cotton? I think there was something about it not working with certain types of yarn?

I'm not sure who will receive it yet, but at least I am getting ahead on this year's presents? Anyone else got 2013's Christmas presents sorted (or started)?

I really love these snowflakes now I'm just waiting for the real thing and hoping we get some this Jan/Feb, instead of this rain.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. What a lovely idea! I have been enjoying your blog for a little while now. Do you mind if I pinch your idea? One snowflake a week should just about do it!

    1. By all means I can blog the pattern if you like, but all snowflakes look great, if you have your own. They always seem so etheral, or maybe that's just me being to whimsical *nodding*.

      Arwedd xx

    2. Yes please! I would love to try the pattern. Thanks!

  2. I love this! I would really be pleased if you could blog the pattern I would love to give it a try x

  3. Wow Arwedd...they are lovely! I'd like to add my vote to Sarahs and would love you to blog the pattern :)
    (glad you persevered with the post despite fraustrations)

  4. Looks beautiful!! Text me I have a day planned for us xx

  5. Can I join the queue of people who would like the pattern, please?

  6. They look gorgeous! No point me asking for the pattern as crochet is one of the skills which eludes me still.....perhaps this year I will learn! Snowflakes like this are certainly motivation!


  7. These look lovely. I made some too, to hang in windows, but I love the idea of putting them on the front of Christmas cards. This blog
    shows a picture of blocked and not blocked snowflakes (end of instructions) which might help you make the decision as to whether its worth it or not!

  8. Arwedd - this is lovely. I would defintely block - its a bit fiddly and you'll need a flat space that wont get disturb by man (men) or beast. But it will look much more open once its blocked. I use a towel on the floor in spare room, pin out the runner, spray with clean water and leave overnight or couple of days to dry. I have some blocking rods but its not vital - a load of pins will do it. Do show us your finished runner. I blogged about it here

  9. It's just beautiful.
    Ditto for the pattern.
    Love from Mum