Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Doing things differently

DH and I had a quite heavy discussion this afternoon, for a couple of hours, as we thought about our year ahead. It was all very 'grown-up' and we were totally "on the same page". Odd as I still don't feel very grown-up, despite my advancing years.

We were both in total agreement that several things have to change this year. I'm not really in a position to share most of them, which sounds very cryptic and I don't mean to be, but they're not just my things alone to share, so I won't. Suffice to say that we are both getting very lazy as we reach "middle-age" and we're just not keeping on top of all those things we should be. Today we have resolved that we must do better.

We have to be stricter with ourselves, if we want to achieve our goals for 2013. We are both procrastinators and great at wasting time, or allowing ourselves to be distracted by others, either in person or reading our daily Blogs, or tidying out a cupboard instead of making an important phone-call. We have tried to renew our resolve today and promised to help each other.

For both of us, one thing this means is getting an earlier night. Its quite hard when you have a teenager who doesn't go to bed until 10pm to get to bed early yourself. We tend to find that if we were to go when we really needed to, we would be going at the same time as him. This leaves us with absolutely no evening "to ourselves". Not that we dislike his company, but some things we do need to talk about without his presence. However, we must get to bed by 10:30pm, at least half the nights, if we are to increase our energy to do the other things, that must now be done.

For me, this means I cannot continue to spend so much time on leisure activities. Unfortunately, I count amongst these writing my Blog. I therefore simply must reduce the frequency of my posts. It also means the crochet or card- making, or any other crafts, can only be picked up when I have done at least something, every day, towards all the other tasks. It means not sloping off to my favourite Cafe so often, when there are things which must be done, no matter how lovely it is there.

Apologies, therefore that you will see less of me, but if we don't put in the effort now, then we only have ourselves to blame when we fail. I hope you will still continue to support me as your comments have often helped far more than you will realise.

Here's hoping for something Exceptional.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I have cut down to one blogpost a day - what began as the occasional evening post had become a daily routine. And like you I am struggling with getting to bed early - sometimes we get in from an evening event at church and need to wind down, and we are so tired that we take too long to get to bed. Like tonight. Not good when I am going to have to have some Very Early starts when my new job kicks in on Friday.

    But having someone else who is sharing the resolve is a great help isn't it?

    It will all work out in the end xx

  2. Life is boring isn't it when you have to be 'grown up' and be responsible for your actions! I often don't feel like my 44 years and sometimes find myself saying 'really - I'm not old enough to be making these decisions' LOL.

    Blogs are a great way to waste time - exactly what I am doing now when I am supposed to be out picking raspberries for tea......oops. I come and go on my posting as demands on my time vary, but I do have a few I like to catch up on, so I allow myself a 'window' of 15 - 20 minutes every morning before I start my chores. This works really well. Having said that it's the afternoon now!

    We have the same teenager staying up late problem as you. How about going to bed while he is still up and having your discussions there instead. Your teenager is old enough to turn the telly & lights off when he goes to bed. I've found they don't really stay up if you are not there coz it's boring with no company - yeah I know he probably doesn't act like he wants to be with you, but really, he does.

    Good luck with your re-grouping :-)


  3. I'll be here to read and comment as and when you are around :-) make a rule that the teenager goes to his room at nine? That way you will have a bit of 'us' time before bed. Good luck and here's to all the stuff you'll get done! X

  4. I'm so surprised how much this sounds like me and my life. From the not feeling like a grown-up (I'm 40 this year and I still feel like everyone else knows what they're doing apart from me) to teenager bedtimes(he was still awake when we went to bed last night).

    I'm always reading although I very rarely comment, whatever I write never seems to sound right when I read it back. I just wanted to say I'll still be here reading and I hope you find the right balance. You've inspired me to have a chat with DH tonight about our upcoming year.

    Emma xxx

  5. Good luck with your endeavours and we'll see you when we see you.
    Love from Mum

  6. Good luck! All your followers will still be here for you! x

  7. We have a 9 pm bedroom rule for Compostgirl- unless there is something we all want to watch together on the TV as a family. So Compostman and I get some "grown up time" to chat and share.

    It is hard negotiating boundaries with young persons but at the end of the day WE we are the adults and they are ,still, the children...and need to learn this lesson...!

    well that is what I think, anyhow...

    Hope the chats proved fruitfull