Saturday, 5 January 2013

Twelfth Night

Not sure when exactly this is, or what the exact consequences are, but my  decorations are now down and back in the attic. It managed to keep the boys entertained for a while this afternoon and we actually sorted out several boxes of decorations we don't use any more. Broken bits are ready to go to the tip and some bits are on their way to the Charity shop. Sorry to all those Mums who keep every decoration their kids have ever made, but there was some right 'tat' that my kids have made at nursery, that will never go on the tree and are now in the bin.

The house now feels bare, except for the bits that always come off the tree and the tinsel. I have only hoovered three times so far and it normally takes several more goes round to get rid of it all.

Oddly this evening we have been watching Christmas movies on the TV. Tomorrow #2 Son has a Cinema trip with a friend to see Madagascar 3 in 3D, so a nice way to bring the holidays to a close. Now I only have to find something to entertain him on Monday. Nearly there!

Lots of Love

Arwedd xx

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