Friday, 4 January 2013

How much longer?

Are the school holidays going to last? Don't get me wrong I love my two (well three really,with DH!) boys, more than I can possibly express, but they are now officially ready to go back to school. It hasn't helped that it has still been quite wet, this week, in my little part of Devon.

I knew when the lights in the downstairs ceiling started to shake, after lunch today,                                                                     that things were getting a bit out of hand upstairs. #2 Son had got a friend around for the day and whilst they kept each other entertained, they also managed to wind each other up to fever pitch.

So during a break in the clouds, we headed out for an hours play, to try and release some of the steam. Even my big lad (*enormously tall lad, rather than mature lad) decided to join in.

I think the two little ones just enjoyed chasing the big one round and round the most.  Strangely he seemed to enjoy it too, but stated he was just trying to  prove how much quicker than them he was.

All the climbing frames were free, but I was convinced to part with a whole £1 for these hideously expensive things.

50p for a whole minute and a half of whizzing round in circles, but it was worth it to hear their very girly giggling!!

I have now totally run out of ideas and I still have three more days to fill. I'm sure when I've slept on it I'll come up with something, but tonight I think I'm off for an early night.

Lots of love

Arwedd xx


  1. Get them to wash the car, tidy their rooms out for the charity shop, write their thank you letters on the computer, or have a pyjama day with popcorn and a whole load of DVDs (as they won't be able to do that for a few weeks). Failing that, my shed needs clearing out......LOL

  2. The big ones still love to play but refuse to admit that they are finding it fun don't they.

    As for things to do- do they have bikes/scooters go out for a ride?
    Get them to dig over/move the compost heap- although it may be just my 2 that love the compost heap! LOL

  3. Ahem. I am SO NOT READY TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL thank you very much. My tree is still up. I've a million and one things I want to do, like make my sons old dressing gown into draught excluders etc. Finishing on the 21st was BRUTAL. My HG returned to work on the second. I don't feel like *I* have had enough time to unwind . BUT I have a brand new oak sideboard I am paying off ( look away FM & FQ ) so I am under a self imposed ban about whingeing about work. So, back to school Monday it is.

    1. Oops sorry Rachelradiostar. Mine go back on Tues but #2 in on a School trip on his first day baack. Apparently they are learning about Chocolate next term, so they won't be home until 5pm. Hooray!!