Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Diolch yn Fawr

or Ta Very Much

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Just to thank you all for everyone's comments on yesterday's post. They have really lifted me. I appreciate all your support and on your advice have disabled anonymous comments, (I didn't realise I could do that!). Strange because from the outset I didn't want to censor anyone, as after all, we all have a right to our own thoughts and opinions. Hopefully people can still put whatever comments they want, just named, right?

In return, I will continue to try and turn any negative ones into positives, but just remember I'm still learning!! I can't guarantee getting any Faster or Higher, but maybe next time I will be Stronger!!

Thanks again.


  1. Glad you are feeling happier :) Sx

  2. poor Old Anon has no idea how it feels to be loved and supported by true blogfriends.
    glad the comments helped

    blessings xx