Tuesday, 21 August 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank You very Much

Feeling Stronger today. No particular reason. The problem that caused this latest "downer" hasn't been resolved and yet the black cloud feels as if it has moved slightly from over my head. It's probably not noticable to those around me, but I have had more energy today and done a few jobs. I actually left the house to get some shopping and I made a couple of cards. (They're at the bottom if you'd like to see them.) I looked out of the window and thought how lovely next-doors flowers looked in the sun. I know to those of you who think thoughts like that every 5 minutes and who have the energy to plant and tend and paint and mend, this must seem like nothing, but to me it's quite something.

And so.... it's well overdue that I thank both Mrs Thrifty (who tried to give me this award an embarassingly long time ago) and (more recently) Thifty Mummyhen for thinking of me in connection with this award. As always I'm quite convinced it's not justified, but I am extremely privileged that you thought of me and send you many thanks.

Finding 7 things about me I still haven't told you baffled my brain for a little while, but I came up with these, and then I got real nervous about sharing them. I may need more therapy if the reaction to these is too adverse.

1. I just lurve country music!! I think Dolly Parton's voice is amazing and the woman herself is pretty remarkable too. I love how she doesn't take herself too seriously and my all-time favourite song is Jesus and Gravity. My pipe dream would be to go to the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tenesse, it's on the bucket list!!

2.  I'm all about pastel colours, me. My favourite of which is a nice pale lilac colour. My previous house was pale pink and pale blue in EVERY room. Sadly, my current house is Magnolia throughout.

3. I was totally upstaged on my wedding day by Mother Nature, but I didn't mind as it was the most beautiful Rhododendron I have ever seen, before or since.

4. I like Chinese food, a little too much, well a lot too much if I'm being honest. I could eat this kind of food every day and quite happily do without your traditional English or Italian or French food. DH and I don't have the same kind of affinity with Indian food though. Much prefer a Won Ton or Sesame Prawn Toast to a Samosa. I tried to make Prawn Toast once. The recipe called for a lot of lard and the result was horrible. Sadly takeaways are out of our budget at the moment. Maybe I should look for a better recipe!!

5. I would love to be able to "speak" BSL. I have tried and can sign things like the alphabet, "My name is" and days of the week, etc, but not really enough to string a conversation together. It's really difficult to learn when you don't have anyone to practice with.

6.  I was going to make number 6 my favourite book, but there was just no way I could pick just one. The Bible's a great book, but so is " Tess of the D'ubervilles" or "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco, if you haven't read it you should try it. Oh and then there's "Life of Pi" or a Dick Francis novel or a brilliant children's book called "I am David" by Anne Holm, which is suitable for adults too! I could go on, and on, and on, but I won't.

7. I'm quite frightened of cats. Sorry lovely friends with lovely cats if I haven't been entirely honest with you about this. I would never harm a cat, and I know they're "so friendly", but I'm just a bit scared of them. I was attacked by a pack of cats when I was 3yrs. I'm told this is extremely rare but they jumped on me from above, off a wall I was passing, and there were 2 or 3 in my hair and some on my back...... and I can feel the panic just typing this.... but they are just scary. There I've said it.

Passing on the Award to 15 more Blogs is a bit too much like a chain letter for my overworked brain right now and I'm never too sure how it will be received. Besides which, most of the Blogs I like, have been passing it on already. Apart from the ususal suspects a lot of the Blogs I follow are craft ones and some are Award free. I can say, that a couple I like which you may not have come across yet are:

Loopy Lous Loopy Thoughts
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Thank you once again for the Award

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I'm pleased that you are starting to feel better & I have enjoyed reading a little more about you :) My bridesmaids also wore lilac & my dress was just as 'full' as yours - how times have changed lol!

  2. Oh, I didn't know you were afraid of cats..and I have some pictures of a couple mine in the sidebar. ..just cover that side of the page...I won't mind!
    Jane x

  3. Hello there

    Love that picture of your wedding day. You look gorgeous and what a beautiful dress. Congratulations on your awards

    keep well


  4. love the cards you make, you are sooo clever x

  5. Congratulations on your award - it is well deserved!!
    You manage my two kitties so very well; and they just love to see you - but Max loves you more!! FMx

  6. Congratulations on your award. I too would love to be able to do BSL. We are lucky enough to have a few tutors come into work so I am hoping to take a quick class.

    X x