Friday, 31 August 2012

The Hunt is On

It's nearly the end of the School holidays and we're running out of activities you can do for free, today we decided to go Enid Blyton and have a secret club. It varied from the Secret Seven to the Famous Five and at some stages down to the Troublesome Three.

A club house was built, complete with posters on the walls, comfy chairs and a table.

A password was decided upon and a sign was made for the garden gate to keep out non-members... there weren't many of those.
It says "VIP Club"

Then all that was needed was a Mystery to solve..............

The Hunt took them about 35 minutes, long enough, but not so long they got bored and gave up. 

When the secret message was found, the treasure was scoffed in less time than it took to think up all the clues.

It was then back to the clubhouse for lashings of ginger beer........ well Blackcurrant squash anyway!!

Only four more days to go and someone else will have to think of how to keep them occupied, hurrah.

Until then, anyone else got any suggestions?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx 

Welsh Poppy, I still need your details to send your consolation prize, so hopefully you will let me know soon, as I can't contact you.


  1. What a wonderful much better than sitting in front of the telly or engulfed by the Wii....getting out doors and doing things......good one!

    Amanda :-)

  2. Many moons ago I kept my nephews occupied with a treasure hunt whilst I got a picnic was lovely watching them run around all excited when they 'got' a clue.My nephews are now 39 and 35...they make the picnics.
    Jane x

  3. Very good idea-sounds like fun!

  4. Heaps of fun & a great idea! Me, I'm not so good at thinking up things to do & I've been lucky that my boys have been quite good at entertaining themselves.
    Once when we were at a hockey tournament our teams accommodation was next door to a cemetery. One of the parents took the boys over there & asked them to find the graves with the oldest date, the youngest age, oldest age, most interesting story etc, etc. I thought that was a good idea & the boys seemed to enjoy it. Maybe a bit hard for some to get their head around though!
    Have you taken a ball to the park or beach for a kick around? Sx

  5. What a fantastic mummy you are you are xx our City has a dedicated website that I didn't know about till recently! I discovered it by accident googling around n they have a dedicated free days out n activities section.

    Have you googled the words 'Free activities and days out in "Arwedd's Town"? Just an idea! I was surprised at what I found as I'd previously thought I was relatively clued up!! Xx

    Ps I DO NOT want the holidays to be over!!

  6. Oh I so miss having my kids around, esp in the holidays. Have they had a mini olympics in the garden?