Monday, 27 August 2012

Pin It

I'm not overly into social media, but having said that, I do use Facebook. This became a necessity in order to "talk" to my nieces as it seemed the only way I could communicate with them. I then joined Twitter because I wanted to message someone on there to find out how someone was. It was quite sometime later that I was encouraged to Follow this up with starting my own Blog, (a little Follower) joke there.

So with all these diffferent online ways to occupy my endless (NOT) free time, I wasn't really interested in yet another new kid on the social media block, that is Pinterest......... and yet. I keep being pointed and drawn in it's direction and am trying to find out some more about it before I go ahead and join.

I thought I'd share what I have learnt so far.....

This virtual pinboard allows you add photos, recipes, knitting patterns etc to personal mood boards, you can have it seems a limitless number of boards. These can then be shared with other 'pinners' or across social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, so that your friends and followers can see the things you love.

Someone planning their wedding, for example, might collect images for hairstyles, colours for their bridesmaid dresses or spot the perfect idea for favours. Crafters can create boards for different projects and because the pictures you pin link back to the source of the photo, you can easily re-find instructions for a pattern.

It seems simple enough, you create an account, then add a Board, follow the instructions to download the "Pin It" button on your browser's toolbar and getting 'pinning'. You can then invite friends to join.

However, I'm still undecided and would like to hear from others, what you think? Is this a useful way to bookmark things or just another way to waste time I should be using to do the ironing?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. It's both! A good way to waste time, but I have also pinned some good ideas for future reference & to refresh some of my own ideas. Eg: I have a regular gig where I have to provide plates of nibbles for after work drinks. I have found some new ideas for recipes to try, along with new ways of presenting the food. I also have a board dedicated to patchwork cushions for future reference amongst many others. I have periods where I am on there every other day & then I can go for a few weeks without logging on. Pinterest can be whatever you want it to be. Have fun :) Sx

  2. I had a dabble, I have a board, I have no idea what I'm doing! A few of my American chums on Twitter seem obsessed with it. But I had to laugh when I saw a cartoon, where the mama is sat at a computer, her kids are clearly getting into mischief in her untidy house in the background, and she is on the phone speaking to her husband.

    " Darling, on your way home from work can you please pick up take out Pizza for dinner bc I've been so busy all day pinning good wholesome nutritious meal ideas for the kids"

    It made me laugh!!

  3. Not for me Arwedd,have an addictive and idol worship personality!
    Have heard it said that All images can be copied including yours, so be careful.Love Triciaxx

  4. It can get very addictive to be honest but like Sandra and Rachel said it also has some very good ideas on it.

    X x

    1. Totally with you on that, like everything it has its pros and cons.Tricia

  5. I have resisted - I think it would prove a real time waster for me.
    Also I have been a little concerned that some people pin and others re-pin pictures which the originators have actually asked for them NOT to use.
    I discovered about 25 people had pinned pictures from MY blog, which astounded me. I am personally not bothered about that [half were the same thing - a tutorial for Nativity Costumes - and I hope they prove useful] but I can understand that other bloggers might feel abused.

    blessings xx