Saturday, 25 August 2012

Water off a Duck's Back

Every child has a favourite toy, that goes with them everywhere and they can't do without. My advice if you're having a new baby and you'd like a particular toy to be IT, if you possibly can, buy two. The heartbreak if this particular toy gets lost or broken, is enough to make a grown man cry. The trouble is you can't quite predict which one of the numerous soft toys they are given when they are born, will become the ONE.

With number 1 Son it was a Winnie the Pooh his Dad bought him the day he was born without my knowledge and brought in to the hospital later that day. He couldn't even "bear" to be parted from him for a quick photo. I'm sure he would hating me putting this photo up, but still....

Wow, where have those 12 years gone?

Number 2 Son is always trying to do things bigger and better than number 1 and so he has two special 'friends'; an elephant and a duck. They've both slept in bed with him every night for years, been thrown around all day, gone out on picnics, walks, the whole nine yards. Ellie is lucky because, as long as you take his wheat bag out, he can go in the washing machine.

Ducky, unfortunately, says surface clean only. He is fraying a bit on the feet and he has beads of an indeterminate nature inside, (possibly polystyrene), as well as stuffing, and a metal bell. All this means that Ducky is looking rather worse for wear. He has now reached the point where I have insisted either he has a surface clean or he goes and finds somewhere else to live. So today was the day I started. Oh, the fuss, the sobbing, the accusations that I had ruined his fur. If you've ever heard a small child having a bath and screaming blue murder well this was worse. You would have thought I was mutilitaing a living being in the worst possible manner and how much did I manage to clean.........

.......... well can you tell me?

 Now I'm waiting for M to fall asleep and Ducky is going to get the works, a premium wash and wax service, and hopefully it'll be water off this Ducky's back.

Reaction to my difficult texts of yesterday was rubbish as expected, DH said it could have been worse, but I am very cross that he has been given the 'blame' for stuff that has happened to me. It is grossly unfair that he has been accused of having what he wanted, when all he has done is support me with what I wanted. Shame I'm not a Duck!! I'm so lucky to have him here at all, and to have his love and support. It's a pity I can't have the same level of support from others who should be providing it.

Ssshh, Can I hear M snoring?...............

Lots of Love Arwedd xx

PS. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here? After numerous compliments on my tension when crocheting, I am having trouble on my next project. I have only used a size 4 hook before, my latest project calls for granny squares made with a 5.5mm hook, (to make them more drapey!) and I just can't get it to be square, it just pulls in at the sides. I have tried really hard to leave it loose, but I can't get it right.
What Should I do?


  1. Good luck with the washing of ducky. Takes me back that does.

    X x

  2. Our Will had/s a teddy that went everywhere for the first few years of his life. Ted now resides in the wardrobe, poor Ted, but he will never be parted with. Sx

  3. Hi Arwedd, did you do this square before or after the screaming episode? Looks a wee bit tense,try a 6mm hook with DK then try Heathers blog called :Little Tin Bird: youll find a great step by step method for a basic granny square there, with photos so it gives you an idea what it should be looking like at each stage,thats how i learned.Keeping you in Prayer.
    Tricia South Africaxx

    1. Tricia, it was before, lol, but I will try and go bigger, thanks.

      Arwedd xx

  4. Ohh that is such a cute photo! Lovely :) Thank you for sharing!

    Lots of love,

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  5. Am happy to sit with you and help the crochet - not the ducky... - love FMx