Tuesday, 21 August 2012

You were there for Me

Words escape me at this moment, when I want to express how very grateful I am for your support, despite the fact that our friendship is so relatively new. I know that, if you could've you would've used your arms around me as a shield. I hope you know, that when you too are hurt, I feel it aswell, and I too would, if I could.....

So this is for you, by way of return.....

A Friend Indeed

I have the greatest friend on earth
Sisters by god but not by birth
I owe her a lot for all she has done
Without her in my life I'd surely be gone
If we live to be 103
We'll still be friends, she and me
Together we're sharing our life story
We look for good in others glory
She is amazing each single day
I admire and look up to her in every way
She understands me and I don't have to explain
She brings her sunshine to my rain
Someone sent by god to do great things
One of heaven's angels with no visible wings
If you ever meet her then you will see
Why she is the definition of the greatest friend to me.
So, thanks for those times you've been there for me
You have shown me just how best friends should be!

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Thats so lovely! Words escape me :-)

    be good now!

    Amanda xx

  2. Friends are so precious - ones who send virtual-blog-hugs and ones who put warm flesh'n'blood arms round you when you need it most.

    blessings xxx