Sunday, 4 November 2012

A Gift Horse

I'm not sure if that's a very complimentary thing to call someone, and Carole looks nothing like a Horse, but she did give me a very nice gift today at Church.

I make a lot of Homemade cards, nothing special, but it does help me to relax, as I can get quite lost in planning the design and choosing just the right colours, or ribbons and gems. I use some of my cards to send on birthdays, etc, but the vast majority I give away for free. I donate them to my community Cafe to sell and the money goes into their coffers. I also donate them to Church and the sale money goes into our Church extension fund. I also have one elderly lady at Church who "orders" all her cards for family occasions from me and I make her special personalised cards, which she has always seemed delighted with. So most people there know about my Hobby.

I guess that's why Carole thought of me when she wanted to get rid of a piece of craft equipment and I'm so delighted she did. I have wanted one of these for ages, but due to cost it is well off my wish list. So imagine my surprise when she just handed me one at the end of Church today.

For those not in the know, it is a die-cutting machine and it costs anything upward of £80 + and I got it for free. I did offer her something in return, but she wouldn't even accept some cake. It is broken as it makes a nasty clicking noise, (it sounds as though a cog has come loose inside), but it still works so what is a noise between friends. I've already got a few Christmas makes in mind for it help with.

Now Lord, I'm still waiting on that sewing machine, a slow cooker, a fixed washing machine and "Oh Lord, won't you buy me that Mercedes-Benz". Only joking !!!

I'm off to check if the washing machine repair man is ready for some tea.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. As someone who was lucky enough to receive some of your homemade cards, I would say they are very special - as are you. x

  2. Oooh, enjoy it - and please show us some results. The ladies at our church are generous too- I came home the other evening with two carrier bags of wool oddments, which will get used on my Sailor Society hats and other projects. Like yu I find these little tasks very relaxing AND there is so much joy in being able to give them away afterwards! I think the donors are pleased too, that what might have been discarded is instead being used to bless others. xx

  3. Lucky you and don't you deserve it,
    Love from Mum

  4. What a great gift! I know you'll enjoy it-looking forward to seeing some of the cards you make with it!

  5. I have a Toyota sewing machine for you - it just needs to get to Froogs' house for a little overhaul x x x

    1. Ooohh a Toyota! My favourite car is a Toyota!! ;-)

      Arwedd xx

  6. Your cards ARE SPECIAL!!!!!! Your good deeds are paying off in such a lovely way, people really appreciate what you do for the community. You are able to be creative, which helps you relax, you then donate your beautiful cards to a couple of good causes. You are truly a good person and people appreciate what you are doing. Enjoy your new toy and I know you will put it to very good use & that church will be extended in no time at all :)

  7. How lovely that your church friend thought of you...I can hear your cogs turning...planning...designing!
    Jane x