Sunday, 11 November 2012

How very dare you!!

Grrr, I'm in angry Mom mode tonight, so stand well back !!

This is an e-mail I received for No 1 Son today in relation to his Hockey.

"Dear Player

We hope you have enjoyed the recent JDC (Junior Development Centre) coaching.

Unfortunately the coaches do not feel that you are ready to go forward to a JAC (Junior Assessment Centre) assessment at the moment.

Please keep practicing and playing with your club and school and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.

We will be in touch when future coaching opportunities occur.

Thank you
. S

This is the e-mail I want to send in reply:-

 "Dear S,

I must admit I am somewhat surprised by the coaches decision not to put C forward for a JAC assessment at the moment. C's hockey playing has significantly improved over the last 12 months and this has been highlighted by the coaches within his Club and School. Not only has C been chosen to Captain both his Club and School teams at various tournaments in his age group, but he has also been named Man of the Match when playing for the A****r Men's 3rd team, in four consecutive matches at the start of this season, at only 14 yrs.

C will no doubt be extremely disappointed with this decision as he was last year, which almost resulted in his not applying to the JDC this year. However, that did at least allow him to captain the Teignbridge Boys hockey team, at the Devon Games, to a grand-slam victory. I wonder whether it is possible to have some more constructive feedback on the reasons for this decision, in order for him to know where he needs to focus his attention and what part of his game play is lacking. Or perhaps the problem is that his face doesn't fit and he's not in the "In" crowd. I would be grateful if you could tell me if this is the case, so we know not to bother with the JDC in the future

DH would rather I didn't burn any bridges in case we want to cross the river, but I am angry that all his hard work and effort is not being rewarded because he plays for a Club in direct competition with the one providing the Coaches at the JDC. Sadly there is only one route through to higher levels in Hockey in this Country and it doesn't seem to "spot" the talent I am told by several others he possesses.

Is this my fault? Should I have been a pushier Mom, like a couple of the others are, who seem to get what they want if they shout loud enough? Should I have blown his trumpet louder? 

How dare they not choose my child. Idiots!!
Angry Hockey Mom in Devon.

Arwedd xx


  1. Wow that stinks! He obviously has some talent as you don't win awards & captain teams if you are rubbish. Part of me wants you to send that email & part of me agrees with your husband. What to do?? Actually, send it - it won't hurt for them to have to answer your questions & maybe now is your time to be pushy mum. Perhaps you could change the last piece about his 'face, to asking if the club he plays for has anything to do with their decision & would it help if he was to change clubs - or something like that. I know you probably don't want to change, you don't have to, but the answer could be interesting.

    Good luck from another not so pushy mum!


  2. I tagged you in a game of blog-tag here:

  3. Send it, its a reasonable request especially if your boy is very dedicated. Maybe leave the last bit out though, even though you are burning to ask.