Friday, 9 November 2012

Flash, Bang, Wallop

Tonight I have been out helping M's Primary School PTA to marshall their Annual Fireworks Night.

Although, it didn't pour down on us, there was a fairly heavy misty rain so I'm pretty soggy. I had to stand the wrong side of a net fence and was asked by the Head Marshall to make sure no-one was leaning on the netting or pushing/pulling it, as last year it was almost on the ground before the display had started.

I am always truly amazed at the way in which some parents can stand and watch you ask their children, politely, more than half a dozen times, to stop doing something, in this case yank on the net fence, without saying a word to them. I know if my boys, (when they were both younger), were told something by an "official" of any kind, or member of staff in a shop, etc, just once, I would be immediately there re-inforcing what they had been asked to do, or not do. If they did it again, they did not need to be told by anyone else, as I was straight on it, and removed them if necessary.

Definitely time to dry off and sit with a hot drink and then on with my Christmas present WIPs.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Parenting has changed for the worse,many people are 'unparents'.
    Jane x

  2. Ooh what are you working on?

  3. Our local primary school has just celebrated it's 10th year of putting on a large fireworks display. We haven't been involved for three years now, but I am sure things have not changed as far as 'crowd control' goes! Like you guys, we had our moments keeping people on the right side of the fence depending on if they had paid or not, away from the places they shouldn't be & so on. I agree some parents are pretty hopeless & it's no wonder that kids have no respect these days!

    Happy WIP-ing :)


    PS: I liked your Dolly Parton tune yesterday!

  4. I SO agree. Am I turning into a grumpy old woman? weekend blessings xx