Sunday, 17 June 2012

Beware Men Cooking

For Fathers Day, my FIL generously agreed to cook the family a lovely Barbecue, for Sunday Lunch. Not entirely sure why, on the only day he could have got away with putting his feet up, he decided to be the one to do all the work instead, however it was very kind of him. The BBQ was very frugal as it was a free lunch for us, so great for the budget, but not so great for my diet.

I did indulge in a Beefburger, sausages, chicken drunsticks, new potatoes and salad, onions, mushrooms and a breadroll, plus a glass of wine, all of which was delicious. This was finished off with both Eton Mess and Peach Flan and ice-cream. Good job I didn't eat breakfast. 

However, when I had thought my FIL would be doing all the work I was amused to note that:

1) My MIL had been out to buy all the food as he was waiting in for a man that didn't come until 16:00.
2) My MIL had made the salad, new potatoes, pilau rice and desserts.
3) MIL cooked the chicken drumsticks in the oven before they went on the BBQ, she also prepared the sausages and other meat for cooking, placed it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and took it to FIL stood beside the grill -- glass of wine in hand.
4) FIL placed the meat on the grill and turned at regular intervals, meanwhile,
5) MIL came inside to organize the plates and cutlery, tablecloth, placemats, glasses etc.
6) MIL cooked the onions and mushrooms in frying pan in kitchen and brought these plus the salad, bread, serving utensils, napkins, and 4 sauces to the table.
7) MIL took the cooked chicken to FIL for him to 'finish off'.
8) FIL took the meat off the grill and handed it to the MIL
9) After mains, MIL cleared the table and served both puddings she had made, whipped cream and fetched the ice-cream.
10.) After eating, MIL again cleared the table with help from the other ladies, filled the dishwasher, washed the rest, while the two other ladies dried.
11) FIL got lots of praise and thanks for his cooking efforts.
12) FIL then made the mistake of asking MIL how she enjoyed "her lunch off." and, upon seeing her annoyed reaction, concluded that there's just no pleasing some women. 

Still it was his special day.

I need to get straight back on the diet tomorrow. I am kind of trying the Harcombe Diet, inspired by Sue at The How Low Can You Go Food Diary and Mrs Thrifty at New Beginnings with Food, but I have been reluctant to call it that, in case I can't manage it. Phase 1, the first 5 days is literally only fresh meat/fish and vegetables.

I have really felt terrible in the last week with splitting headaches and a kind of motion sickness/nausea, which I am putting down, mainly, to caffeine withdrawal. However, I am going to give it another go at getting through the 5 day Phase 1, from tomorrow and fingers crossed it won't be so bad now I haven't got to go through the giving up coffee again. I am still documenting it at Stepping Out for a Bite. My biggest issue with it, is the no fruit rule for Phase 1 either. When I am trying to diet I kind of need the fresh fruit for the natural sugar hit. The Natural Live Yoghurt is just too sour to be properly recognised as a pudding, in my opinion!!

On the whole though a great day, I know DH and I are lucky to have both our Fathers with us and my thoughts today, go out to all those, whose Fathers are no longer with them or are not close by. xxx

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. What a great & busy weekend you have had!

  2. Your mil and fil sound just like mine! Glad you all had a nice day.

    X x

  3. Well done MIL. Soon be Mother's Day again then you can be the one who tends the BBQ!
    Love from Mum

  4. I can't tell you how many bbq "days off" I've had. Just like your MIL I have done ALL the work, only for my husband to get all the credit.............It's good to give them their moment of glory now and again. lol

  5. FACT ; Food consumed outdoors has no calories. Theyy simply blow away on the breeze xx