Monday, 4 June 2012

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Thanks for those who were thinking and praying for me yesterday. Thankfully it wasn't too bad.

Lunch at this lovely little pub near to Bristol, paid for by the bank of Mum and Dad. (We did offer, but they refused!). No. 1 Son refused to be in the photo, huh!

Conversation was restricted to the boys activities. Mainly No. 1 Son's recent successful selection at Hockey Trials to play for Teignbridge district in the Devon Games to Inspire. Although I was allowed a few snipits regarding Nanna's funeral, such as the Hymns and the Prayer that was read.

Boys were then duly handed over for their journey back to Granne and Grampi's home in Wales. Dad did manage to amuse us with his Ian Poulter golf hat.

This is the golfer, Ian Poulter, who has sued fans for complaining about his sometimes questionnable fashion attire.
This is my Dad in his fashionable?? Ian Poulter hat. The hair is not HIS!!

This is No. 2 Son in the dodgy hat!
This is a very rare photo of No. 1 Son, that I sneaked in the car-park. He does look quite handsome when he's not scowling at me!!

Today I am feeling very bereft without either of them. Funny, when they are here, I sometimes wish they weren't!! Next hurdle is the trip to Wales to collect them later in the week.

Hope you are all enjoying the double Bank Holiday break.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Your Dad looks like a real hard case! Well done to your son for his hockey selection. Is the Teignbridge area somewhere near or include Teignmouth? We stayed at Teignmouth back in 2008 for a night. Lovely area, very narrow lanes lol - we were doing our own rural cross country route rather than taking the larger roads, more interesting that way! Hope your boys enjoy their time with your parents :)

    1. It does indeed include Teignmouth, which has a great paly park right in the sea front.

      Arwedd xx

  2. Bless him. That hat made me chuckle. I'm sure your boys will enjoy themselves, but I bet you will miss them.

    X x