Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Feeling Yuck

Sorry nothing interesting on the Blog tonight. Another pounding headache to match the one I had all yesterday afternoon. However, today's is accompanied by terrible nausea. It came on while photographing my stuff for eBay, so that didn't get finished!!

It's like motion sickness, all great until I move my head, so if I can move number 1 son, that Sofa, is mine for a little bit tonight. Not sure if it's the new diet, caffeine withdrawal or somemutt else but it looks like bed early for me!!

Lots if love Arwedd xx


  1. That's was I was like all Jubilee weekend.Sleep if you can.
    Feel better soon.
    Jane xxx

  2. Hope you get well soon, lots of sleep and some paracetamol are the things that shifted my blip, sleep lots, let the boys and your man take the strain for a while, hugs
    Helen x

  3. Caffeine withdrawal sounds like to me: ride it out x x x I'm at vision tomorrow if you can meet?