Friday, 8 June 2012

Perfect Pressie

Today I received a most wonderful gift. I know I said not too long ago that I would rather give than receive, but today I almost revised that, as I was most delighted to receive........ Ta Da!

..... a beautiful box to keep all my newly found Recipes in. The marvellous and most generous Fostermummy thought this would help to inspire me on my journey to learn how to cook and would reward me for my efforts so far.

Indeed, it does make me feel motivated to find a recipe for every category.

Although, whilst I can see how I could fit a pancake in the box, I'm not sure how I can fit a can of soup in or a joint of meat, any ideas?

The handy little drawer underneath will keep a pen and other bits handy.

I'm so in love with it, I might even have to clean and tidy the kitchen, so it can have a space on the worktop!!

Delighted as I am with my perfect pressie, I am more overwhelmed by the love of the giver and the hug that came with the gift was just as great. Thank you so much Fostermummy. God's gifts can outshine the best things we can dream of, and his gift of you in my life is the greatest of all.

The best gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance and I hope you all give and receive it.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. LOVELY!!...the gift and Fostermummy of course.
    Look forward to seeing the recipe box getting fuller and fuller.
    Jane x

  2. What a lovely lovely post x oozes lovliness and made my Saturday feel a little bit better!

  3. How lovely, it a great idea. And very kind too. Just think if all the tummy food you can make in order to fill your recipe box.

    X x

  4. Hi Arwedd, what a lovely gift. And how generous of Fostermummy, bloggy friends are the best! I'm heading over there now xxx