Monday, 11 June 2012

A Fresh Start

New Diet, New Blog, New Behaviour

After a few weeks where the diet went out of the window, as I am a compulsive comfort eater, and I needed a lot of comforting, today is yet again Day 1 of a new Diet. 

Now I know there are many who believe dieting and restrictive eating patterns are the worst things on earth and indeed it is true that negative views on body image can be very damaging. I hope I can accept and love people for what they are, fat, thin, short, tall, blonde, black, dyed and all, but whilst I love curves and would not want to be stick thin (there's not really a danger of that!), I am not happy the way I am. Despite knowing that there are a few who love me just as I am, I also know that I am not one of them. I am unfit and unhealthy, obese and uncomfortable.

I'm aware that losing weight is unlikely to have much effect on this overall, but at least I'll feel less uncomfortable. Don't worry Fostermummy I will never end up so thin that my jean legs miss each other!

The new diet is all about fresh food, at least to begin with, which meant I had a lovely turkey salad for my lunch.
Before the turkey got added.

This also involved some new behaviour, namely, using up leftovers!!! Now, I know this is hardly radical or worthy of a mention in many households, but in this one, it's almost entirely unheard of. However, part of the turkey joint that was cooked for Sunday lunch yesterday was cooled, put in the fridge and brought out again for DH's sandwich and my salad for lunch today. 

Normally, we would have tried to put all this on our plates yesterday, tried to stuff as much in as possible along with the roast potatoes and veg, until we felt we'd overeaten and what we really couldn't manage would have gone in the bin. So I feel pleased it lasted 2 meals, (technically 6 meals, but you know what I mean).

The only difficulty was in trying to swallow the Natural Live Yoghurt I had for pudding. It's disgusting, so sour, I really had trouble in getting it down. I'm hoping to get used to it, but then again I was hoping that about the Green Tea which I'm back on today, and it still tastes foul after 5 months.

As the extra page for the Food and Weight Loss Diary was too limited for many updates, in honour of the New Diet, there is also now a New Blog, so why not hop on over to Stepping Out for a Bite, to see if I'm any more successful this time around, but don't hold your breath it could be dangerous!

Wish me Luck.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Good luck with it hun, its hard I know. As for using up leftovers, well you'll wonder why you never did it before! I still look at food and think I wonder how many meals we can have out of this! lol..

    X x

  2. Hi Arwedd, good luck with the new diet:-) Have you tried a spoonful of honey stirred into your yogurt? that's what works for me:-)
    KKWF ^..^

  3. Good on you - leftovers are good! I've just told my husband that I'll be at the movies later, but there a plenty of leftovers in the fridge & to take his pick. Hope your weight loss goes to plan this time :) Sx