Monday, 10 September 2012

Cake, containers and the big C.

The big C is my eldest baby boy, 14 years old today. Happy Birthday son.

It doesn't seem 5 mins since this,

then came this,

then you became a climber,

and  it was very hard to let you go,

You were so delighted when you were joined by another,
though you won't admit it now, you made each laugh so much.

and you could sit together quietly and get along.

Now you're 5' 11" and taller than your Dad and I, with Size 11 feet and it won't be long before you're taller than our tree, either.

You're handsome, clever, kind and generous, hardworking and talented. I'm very proud of you and I love you to infinity and back!!

But enough about you.....

I am also in love with my new container, my beautiful drinks bottle. I don't do advertising, but I love, love, love this bottle. It was hugely expensive £15.00 for a small bit of plastic, but I definitely feel it was worth it, in all it's purple loveliness. I have tried free sports bottles, I've tried cheap drinks bottles from the £1.00 shop and I've tried your average £5-7 drinks bottle. My latest (before this one) drinks bottle doesn't stand up properly and leaks badly and it wasn't a cheapy one, just average. The cheap ones smell and taste of horrible plastic. This one is brilliant. It holds 3/4 litre/ 750mls of water and I am on my 5th bottle today. That's over 3 litres of water today. This has upped my daily average water intake by about 2,5 litres. Can't be bad!!

Highly Recommended
and last, but absolutely not least, CAKE!! Birthday cake, of course, but anyone who reads my Blog, knows what fussy foodies my 3 boys are, (DH especially!!), so it can only be CHOCOLATE cake. My sister-in-law gave me the recipe and the instructions and they are truly written for someone who can't cook, like me. Maybe I'll share these tomorrow, but for now, here's just the cake.

 I didn't manage to snap it whole as the ganets were hovering before I even put the last giant button on. I have to say it was my best one ever. Practice really does make perfect. I can hear noises from the kitchen as I sit up here and type so I'm off to stop them eating the rest without me.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. What a lovely tribute to your boy & what a handsome boy he is :0 Wish him a very happy birthday from me! I'm very impressed with the cake - go you! Sx

  2. Congratulations Arwedd, on the birthday,bottle,and cake,smashing young man.
    Love Tricia

  3. WOW I am very impressed with that cake!! xx