Friday, 21 September 2012

Good friends are like.....

...... Diamonds, precious and rare.

and it is so wonderful to spend time with them.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited out to Elevenses by my friend for her Birthday. She took me and another friend, S, to the Royal William Bakery. I've never been to the Royal William Dockyard before, but they are some stunning beautiful buildings.

The Bakery itself is one section next to the River Cottage restaurant that Froogs blogged about, not that long ago.

It was a rather unusual system as you took a block of wood for your plate.

 Then if you choose the toast option you could cut yourself unlimited bread from a lovely choice of handmade breads. In fact the smell of freshly made bread was the best bit about the whole place.

 There was also a choice of pastries which all looked rather yummy.

Then  you unhooked a coffee mug from the rack above your head and took this over to the coffee machine to get the hot beverage of your choice. You can see them above this lady's head (don't know who she was!!).

One thing I would say, it's no good if you're a bit squeamish about communal food sharing as the butter and jam were in big pots for everyone on the whole bench to share, some of whom are complete strangers.

However, I'm not squeamish and I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast, especially the part where I didn't have to pay.

I was also amused by the door to the toilets.

We three then went into the Town Centre for a bit of very girly shopping, where I was bought another present by my friend.

Today, I was treated to another lovely meal by the gorgeous Frugalmummy. Thank you ever so much FM for picking me up and dusting me off, yet again, and for the lovely pressies, but most of all your amazing company.

Gosh anyone would think it was nearly my Birthday ......  well, what do you know, it is nearly my Birthday, and I have been given a great idea for a very Frugal birthday present my 3 Boys can get me ..... more on this tomorrow.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx

P.S. Welcome new Follower Vicky, nice to see you and for Sam who emailed me, I will definitely share the very beginner instructions for the Chocolate Cake soon and you definitely can't be a worse cook than me, so we can learn together.

Oh, Oh, P.P.S. - I nearly forgot - This was the friend I made the Granny Square Cowl for here, and when she opened it she thought "Oh no, I can't wear wool!", but she put it on and it didn't itch. She couldn't believe how soft it was and she LOVES it and the colours exactly match the other pressies she had. Hooray!!!!!


  1. I am squeamish about sharing in a restaurant..or anywhere else for that I'd just have to have plain toast.
    Jane x

  2. So pleased you had a lovely time with your friend on her birthday. What a cool place to go. The buildings are lovely too, you are so lucky to have such history around.
    I find it interesting that the food can be all set out like that with people leaning & breathing over it. Here it is very rare to find that sort of arrangement & I now find it unacceptable to eat food so exposed. I just look at how unkempt some people are & how they don't put their hand over their mouth to cough eeewwww! Perhaps people over your way have much better manners. Mind you we have gone very food hygiene mad over here, you can't even run a fund raising BBQ for your kids sports team without a licence these days :( Have a great weekend! Sx

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

    X x

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time with friends, and that the birthday present was well-received. I'm squeamish. I've never even been able to buy things in shops which aren't wrapped - the rolls and cakes etc that you can help yourself to with tongs.The girls used to ask for them when they were younger and I used to tell them I couldn't buy them because you never know who's coughed or sneezed on them, or touched them after going to the loo and not washing their hands!