Monday, 3 September 2012

Duh, I'm just so stupid!!

My DH would say that's no surprise as he's known that since he met me, but somehow, I'm always quite surprised by the level of my stupidity. Despite the fact I always say I'm rubbish, it seems, secretly I like to think I'm fairly intelligent, but sadly no....

If you're not interested in crochet look away now and you might continue to live in the misapprehension that I have at least an average IQ.

Does anyway remember my little cry for help, right at the bottom, back here.?

What should have been just a basic old Granny Square, was defeating me, and yet I learnt these with Frugalmummy way back in April. The sides just kept pulling in and whilst it's an interesting shape, it's most definitely not square.

Well last night I was determined to tackle this, as I had a momentary panic that we are now in September and the Birthday, this project is for, is now this month. So I sat down with my crochet books and my 'practice' wool. I picked out a larger hook, 6mm rather than 5.5mm, as suggested by Lawrence and I tried again, and again......

..... and then it dawned on me.............

Both the original pattern I had used and the one I was using, from the first book I picked up, called for Double Crochet stitch, so I was doing double crochets, but bless you, all you lovely Americans, you will insist on using the "wrong" words for things......

What I was meant to be doing was Treble Crochet stitch, all along.

Duh, of course I was, I knew that, so why was I doing the wrong stitch? I DON'T know!!!

I'm surprised you lovely crochet ladies didn't spot it and just put me straight. Are you all just sniggering and whispering behind your hands, "Don't tell her, it's more funny", huh, are you?? Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

This is how it should look:-

Just a bit different !!!!

and now the next square is done too!!

I'm off to finish the rest tonight, so I still have time to make the birthday card tomorrow.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I loved the quirky one. Funky Coaster methinks! I did chuckle at your post! Gorgeous colours! I picked up my socks again last night n managed a few rounds! Better get a move on - nights are drawing in - my tootsies will need them!!

  2. I can't crochet...I thought it was a funky design. "That's clever" I thought !
    Jane x

    1. Oops, now I've shattered that illusion!!

  3. LOL! I think we all have our fair share of 'moments'!! Love the colours, very jewel like. Sx

  4. I love the colours - have crawled out from under my rock to message this. xx

    1. Thank you, hope it's not too slimy under that rock. Hang in there!

      Love Arwedd xx

  5. Splendid Arwedd, looking so much better!
    Love Tricia

  6. I need a step by step tutorial for this,ive trie you tube and even got the new magazine but im still doing something wrong.Im getting more stupid by the day.

  7. Oh my! That resembles something I would do.

    X x

  8. Got there in the end. Now there will be no stopping you.
    Love from Mum

  9. Just got back from my hols and have been catching up on your blog. I have a british sign language encyclopedia which you can have with pleasure. It's about 15 years old and although not bang up to date will be helpful.

    1. Hi Sal, I would really love to have the BSL book. Are you able to send me an e-mail, so I can send you one back with my details.

      Arwedd xx