Monday, 17 September 2012

You reap what you sow

Now I might be totally on my own with this one, but I was taught growing up that if you were doing something you would not wish to be made entirely public then you shouldn't be doing it. I don't often comment on what's in the news, mainly because I try and avoid the "News" at all costs. I don't buy a newspaper, ever. I try not to watch the News on TV, I'm depressed enough as it is!! However, sometimes I catch it on the radio in the car, so today I'm frustrated over a story about a certain young couple trying to prevent the publications of photos of them.

I can, with all honesty, say I have never sunbathed topless. Many might think me a complete prude, and you may even be right, but I can safely say I have never thought to myself, "How embarassing is it going to be walking into that concert, or that Bar-be-que, with white boobs?". Yes, I have worn a strapless bikini top to avoid tan lines....... those were the days.......... but I've never felt the need to whip out my boobs in Church to prove they are brown (I'm sure everyone is mightily relieved about that too) and so I have never felt the need to burn these precious bundles.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying for a second, that people don't have the right to privacy, they absolutely do, but they must know that when they are the most sought after 'celebrities' in the world that there are a wealth of unscruplulous paparazzi out there with long telephoto lenses. It has happened before folks, so if you don't want photos of your baps, all over the place, guess what the easiest solution is?............ 

Is it just me?....................

Lots of Love Arwedd xx 


  1. No it's not just you! I would feel mortified if someone saw me like that & I'm a no-one, so I just don't do it, not even at home as it would be a sure way to invite a random visit!!

  2. I'd die if any of my students saw me in would I face my class ever again!!!! I have done it but under doctor's prescription believe it or not. I had a biopsy sometime ago and a nasty scar and my doc said to sun bath topless for 15 mins a day and the scar would practically right he was it did. Mind you I was scared stiff someone would see me. Its daft if you think about it I see no harm in bathing topless or even skinny dipping it is only a body after all but as you say Arwedd if you are in the public eye then you can expect to be photographed constantly. It goes with the job! Amanda :-)

  3. I am really struggling with this one.
    I think the photographer invaded their privacy and that was wrong
    I think the papers were absolutely wrong to publish
    but 'if you don't want it made public don't do it' - excuse me, but how do I shower, go to the loo, depilate my armpits, or make love to my husband????!!!! I usually do all those things behind closed doors - but have been 'caught short' in the countryside and p**d behind a large shrub - and I suspect that as a new bride, if I had been privileged enough to have what I believed to be a totally private balcony in warm French sunshine, then I'd certainly have indulged in some canoodling with my man [which may have involved removing garments] So I am not sure I can blame Kate and William. K&W believed they were in private
    I suspect that they would have invaded k&Ws privacy and printed the pics even if she HAD been wearing a bikini top. The toplessness just added to their 'scoop'. Are you saying she should only have sat on the balcony in a hat and raincoat?

    but I know that we will all have different views on this one - my 27 yr old daughter disagrees with me and she is definitely not a prude. Thanks for opening up the discussion A!!

    blessings xx

    1. Am laughing a lot at the thought of Kate sat on the balcony in a long raincoat, and Groucho Marx glasses, nose and moustache disguise!!!

      No, I'm not thinking that would have been a good look, but I'm not sure she would have been as concerned over a shot of her in her bikini??

      The whole reason I don't buy a newspaper, EVER, is because I don't want to contribute to this kind of harassment by the press brought on by what feels like a salacious need to know everyone's private business. Haven't bought one since the day Will's Mum died, may she rest in peace.

      God Bless, Arwedd xx

  4. Bless you, this made me smile. Just the thought of someone whipping there boobs out to show how brown they are! Oh my...

    X x

  5. The whole sorry episode is still in the news here....on Wednesday morning........anyway I hope you get a chance to check out my latest post so you can see the picture of the goodies you sent me :) Sx