Monday, 2 July 2012

Camp Blanket

Not much to report today, but I have eventually managed to sew all of C's Cub Scout badges onto his Camp Blanket.
Feel very satisfied with a job completed and every badge sewn with love. Now on to M's, Number 2 Sons's, camp blanket. It feels so good to be taking all the badges I have already sewn on to one piece of clothing, off again, only to sew them on to another garment............NOT!! but I am trying very hard to be a good Mommy.

Will try and take photos when the next one is complete too. Hopefully these will become heirlooms and something to remind them of good times and achievements when they are older.

What have you sewn or made or kept of your children's? What was handed down to you?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. The fair isle blanket I laboriously knitted during first pregnancy and the little toddler jacket with the appliqued skyline.

    And the dolls cot and desk my granddad made for me in the 1950's served my girls in the 80's and are now in storage just in case I ever have grandchildren

    1. I too have a precious doll's cot made for me by my Grandad, in it sits my Tiny Tears Doll wearing the outfit knitted by my mum. My daughter played with it too. It's also in the loft awaiting the next generation x that's for bringing back such a sweet memory x