Monday, 9 July 2012

Weekend Round-up

Someone must have been praying for me on Saturday morning, at about 10:00am, I felt as though my insides just sort of relaxed. It was as though something inside just let out a big breath in, it had been holding. So whoever that was Thank You. This enabled me to have a nice weekend with my family.

Saturday, tea-time, C took part in a local Carnival, as part of a walking entry for his Secondary School. The theme for their float (without a float!) was meant to be the Olympics, so he had to dribble a ball along with his Hockey stick, a couple of others bounced basketballs or footballs. They were accompanied by a Samba band and a recycled Chinese dragon. All this for the Carnival theme of "What makes Britain Great?". Go figure!!

Perhaps we can pretend it was the Dragon, St. George fought?
Trying not to lose a bright orange hockey ball on the down hill stretch
Not sure what's British about the Lion King either, but it was the best float!!
Assorted other Carnival Royalty floats etc. I'm always surprised by just how quickly a Carnival Procession is over here. We waited 2 1/2 hours for a 6 minute parade.

On Sunday, after Church, we settled down to an afternoon of flicking between the F1 Grand Prix and Andy Murray v Roger Federer. Sadly, we (Britain), didn't win either event, but they were both exciting to watch.

Hope you had a good weekend too!!

Lots of Love Arwedd xxx

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