Saturday, 28 July 2012

Making Hay....

..... while the Sun Shines

My absence from my Blog has not been due to my disenchantment with my Crochet Blanket, although more about that in a later post, but the wonderful weather.

My lovely DH is self-employed and as you will know from my Blog I am currently unemployed. This can be very hard at times. Whilst being self-employed means you don't have to answer to a "Boss", something which may well have helped me in the past, it also means you don't get any Annual Leave or Sick Pay and at the moment things are very tight with very few orders coming in.

However, life is short and you have to take the positives out of this whenever you can, so we set off on Tuesday lunchtime for an afternoon out on our boat, while we still have it. The sunshine was so fabulous we ended up not coming home until Thursday teatime. Where did we get to?

Well not far from our home port, but M got a turn at driving the boat out of The Sound and round to our favourite beach, Bigbury-On-Sea.

It looked fairly busy, but as the tide went out more and more beach appeared between the mainland and Burgh island which holds the beautiful Art Deco hotel, loved by Agatha Christie.

We had all day there on Wednesday and whilst we may have missed our computers and mobiles, our anchorage off the beach for the night, made up for our lack of contact with modern technology.

On Thursday, we anchored off Mount Edgcumbe and had another lovely day in the sunshine, just "messing about on the water".

C's in charge, although he did give M a turn in the end.
M took to his Kayak with Dad's help!
Taking advantage of our few Summer days was very precious and I hope everyone else was as lucky.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. A Grand Day(s) Out. I hope you are all well rested.
    Love from Mum

  2. Hello Arwedd
    Great photos and it looks like some super super days out.

    I am self-employed too and its all what you say it is in your post.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  3. Love Bigbury and hoe lovely to anchor off the coast x

  4. It all looks soooo beautiful & warm which is in direct contrast to us at the moment. Good on you for seizing the moment! Sx