Thursday, 12 July 2012

PC Pal

Today after school, I have made a PC Pal with Number 2 Son, M, who is 8. He thoroughly enjoyed it and I just enjoyed watching him enjoy it!!

If you'd like to make one yourself, you will need:-

1 x Odd old unused Sock, preferably clean, cotton wool, rice, an elastic band, one or two pipe cleaners, two googly eyes, assorted felt and foam in whatever colour you like to cut up, some other foam shapes. some beads and ribbon or thread.

Firstly stuff the cotton wool into the toe.

Then some scoops of rice.

When you think you have enough in for the body ( you need at least half the sock left, you'll see why), twist the sock firmly a couple of times and fold the empty half, back over the full half, like so.

Then put the elastic band about half way up and fold the sock you just folded over, back on itself. (I hope this makes sense!)

We had to do the last 2 steps a couple of times until we got it how we wanted. We had put too much rice in to start with.

Next stick on your googly eyes.

Add your pipe cleaner(s) into the pocket created by the elastic band and folded back piece of sock. This can either be a flower or M turned this into an arm with hand on. 

Cut your felt and foam into various shapes.

Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon and thread the felt and foam shapes and beads in a random order onto the ribbon. As my tapestry needle is very blunt, M could do this all by himself, although it was easier to cut tiny slits in the felt to help the ribbon go through.

When you feel you have enough for the length of both legs, (both legs are from this one piece), divide them roughly in half and push one half back along the ribbon to free some ribbon and knot off the other end.

This free bit of ribbon can then be tucked under the bottom edge of the sock, like so

M then declared he was finished and popped him onto the PC to be his PC Pal. Well what did you think I meant?

Now M is meant to be in bed, he has decided he's not finished and gone off to make another arm, because he does want two after all and to draw on some other facial features, but I'm done with taking photos for today.

He probably would have looked better with a more colourful sock but great fun for Mom and Son !!

Lots of Love Arwedd xx

Updated 20:01

I fibbed, I did take another photo when he was finally finished..... at least I think he's finished, he has hair, ears, nose, mouth with moustache, neck tie, buttons.... this could go on forever.....

..... now M, you'd better get into bed before I get cross and spoil it all!!!!

Arwedd xx


  1. Your PC pal is great, with his moustache he reminds me of a chef. Glad to here you had so much fun making him. Ali x

  2. BRILLIANT IDEA! Can I please add it to my arsenal for school? xx

    1. By all means. Not sure it's professional enough for that though. M, is now asking about making a sleeping bag for it/him, so it sounds like that is the next task!!! Lol!

      Arwedd xx

  3. That is a great school holiday project.Thanks for sharing the idea. :))
    Thankyou also for stopping by my blog and leaving a message..:))
    Have a great weekend :))

    1. M is already planning a couple more, including a Policeman one, so it should keep him quiet in the holidays, for a bit at least.

      Arwedd xx