Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Music of the Night

Fan -Tastic!

That's my only description. It was a brilliant night of musical entertainment, in the wonderful surroundings of the walled Citadel, which is currently home to 29 Commando Regiment.

The choir of at least 100, or so it seemed and the orchestra on stage throughout the night (except the interval) battled the wind blowing their music around, but thankfully it stayed dry for the whole evening, despite several black clouds nearby. Amazing !

Oooh look, it's the Military Wives !!
They sang the Obligatory "Sing" song by Gary Barlow and that other one they do, you know the one!! Do they only know those two songs?

We had numbers from Oliver,

Me and my Girl

as well as Miss Saigon, Les Miserables and other medleys.

Frugal Folk would have been very proud of us as we took our own snacks and drinks and a big thank you goes to MIL for the flask of hot Tomato soup for the interval. It was most welcome, despite all the layers we had put on. We not only saved ourselves a fortune at the concession stands but we also got what we wanted, as some came back from the break without anything as the queues had been so long!! Although one big bag of Wine Gums wasn't really enough!!

Our favourite every year is always the Military drummers and their precision performances, but this year, they excelled themselves as they were combined with the absolutely fantastic Seth Lakeman, for my most favourite ever highlight to a show.  Hope the video works and I'm allowed to post this?

The fireworks didn't start until 23:20, (really sorry Nearly Martha!) accompanied by the BIG guns!!

 The big band numbers, Rule Brittania, etc were accompanied by lots of flag waving

In fact I only have one complaint about the whole evening and it's not about the concert but the concert goers. I was absolutely disgusted by all those members of the audience who got up and started leaving about 4 or 5 music pieces from the end, and then stood blocking my not in-expensive view of the stage. The complete lack of respect for the fact that there were still performers on stage was appalling and some even walked out across in front of them. When my row started to file out I was literally pushed out of my seat into the aisle while I was still trying to enjoy the remainder of the concert. Those people should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they are. Shocking !!!

This was just the start of the exodus, it got worse.
I wonder whether those same people would leave an indoor theatre in such a fashion while the performers were still singing on stage. Just because there were no physical curtains to come down it must have surely been obvious. As you can tell, I'm still cross!!!

However, it was a brilliant concert!!

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I'll forgive you seeing as you had such a great time x

    1. Thank You, sorry you've got it for the next few nights aswell, presumably. It was fabby!!

      Arwedd xx

  2. My kind of night! I have such soft spot for the RM Band.
    We were at a Sting concert a few years ago. Front row seats...then the guys at the back surged forward completely blocking my view..HELLO....I paid more to sit at the front. Security said they weren't doing any harm!!!!
    Jane x

  3. Some people have absolutely no manners. Unfortunately the number of members of the 'me, me,me' society is rising rapidly.

  4. How rude of them!! I'm always apologising for myself and the children if we get in someones way, distinct lack of manners from those people! However, it sounds like a magical night and great performances, lucky lady! I so wish that things like this would happen near us - we get pop concerts at extremely over inflated prices - I'm getting too old for them lol, Helen x