Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Like Pebbles on a Beach

Welcome to new Followers Amanda, Andrea and Mummyhen.

These are some of the beautiful pebbles I photographed this afternoon on Slapton Sands. It's strange that you do things you wouldn't normally do, when you have Visitors and our current guest likes train spotting and WWII memorabilia. This means we have been to "spot" a lovely steam train on its way past Dawlish on the way to Cornwall.

In addition, this afternoon saw us out Tank Spotting down at Slapton Sands. Sadly we couldn't find one, but the walk along the beach was wonderful.
It's not a sandy beach, but a shingly one and it wasn't hot today, but I can still smell the lovely sea salty fresh air.

It is just me or is anybody else inspired by these lovely beach pebble colours? These may have to become a crochet project at some time.

It's hard to tell but the grey pebble in the middle has a beautiful sparkle in it.

If anyone else is inspired by these colours ,in a make, please let me know and show us your results.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Oh I love the colours that nature shows us..and I love the train and the beach and the tank...and...I'm getting carried away now aren't I?!
    Jane x

  2. Don't you just love natures colours? Those stones are beautiful colours and would be great in a blanket.

    X x

  3. Oh I've been to Slapton ! Lovely part of the world :) x