Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lessons in Life

I have always enjoyed learning. I was one of those children who actually enjoyed being at school and was apparently inquisitive from a very early age. Now I'm not saying that I was, or am, particularly bright! After all I only got 8 GCE 'O' levels, when I was predicted to get 13 and I only got 2 out of my 4 'A' levels, but I did always like learning new things.

I still feel that 40 years later I have such a lot of things to learn, and instead of a normal 'bucket' list, mine should be a list of things I need to learn before I die.

Some things are quite practical:-

* learn to Crochet - started
* learn to Cook - started
* learn to Knit
* learn to Sew
* learn to Rollerblade, etc, etc

Some things are more etheral:-

* learn to accept that I am 'good enough'
* learn to "feel the fear and do it anyway"
* learn to speak up for myself
* learn to be more like Jesus

More often than not lessons in life come from the least expected places. Yesterday I had a lovely day with the gorgeous Fostermummy, in our favourite Church/Community Cafe. We did some card making and one of our other 'jobs' was to tackle my Crochet blanket #2, that I got so disheartened with at the beginning of the week. For all of you who are dying to know the solution, here it is.

Although, Fostermummy didn't think there was a real problem with the holes, as she explained the sides will always be different from the ends, knowing that I am somewhat anally retentive she helped me to embrace the holey-ness, (is that a word? not to be confused with Holiness!). The answer..............................

.............................create more 'holes' on the edges without holes.

 Now, this seems an extremely simple solution, but it took an experienced crocheter like FM to point it out to me. I just wouldn't have thought of it! So I have been adding chain spaces all around, and my blanket now pleases me much more. I am friends with it again and looking forward to my Tada moment in the not too distant future.

It felt very much like a metaphor for my life and I learnt that life will be Ok despite the holes in it. As Fostermummy says "all you need to do is make the holes part of the pattern". 

Embracing the holey-ness, lots of love Arwedd xx


  1. So simple, yet so effective.
    Love from Mum

  2. Very neat!

    Thank you for visiting and following my blog

    Amanda :-)