Friday, 6 July 2012

Happiness is a State of Mind

It's true! Unfortunately, some minds are in too much of a state!!

As far as I am aware Happiness does not come with a convenient on/off switch that we can use at will. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So thanks, A, but I do already know how to count my blessings, one by one, each and every one, including,

* My DH is alive and is sometimes the only one who can raise a smile.
* Beautiful Son, Number 1
* Gorgeous Son, Number 2
* A roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear
* Living in a free and relatively safe country, in a beautiful county.
* Having a lovely car, a bed, an oven, a computer, a kettle, a pair of scissors, and a needle.
* I might not have many friends, I can count them on one hand, but the ones I have are the best, KT, FM, NB, SO.
* 2 wonderful nieces and assorted other acquired family cast members.
* plus 100,000 other blessings (I didn't want to put a million in case that was an over-estimate)

But just because I can count them, doesn't always make it better and M if I could find a Happiness Coat that I could just choose to put on today, I'd buy it immediately. If you could point me in the direction of the shop, I'd be very grateful. However, until it's in my wardrobe, I certainly can't "turn my frown, upside down", no matter how much I'd like to.

Actually I'm quite liking the idea of Mood Coats, do you think they would come in appropriate colours? Today I'd like to put on my assertiveness Coat, but it's buried at the back of the cupboard, behind my PMT coat and I'm wearing my Lethargic coat so I can't quite reach it!!

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I can see that no matter how low you get you never seem to loose your sense of humor! Humor is an important tool in my book & as I often say "keep smiling" - it works for me...... so keep smiling & poking fun. Sx
    PS: I love watching peoples faces when I make a joke, it's quite revealing as they are usually so uptight themselves & trying to make out they are in total control they cannot quite see whats funny :0

  2. Today I'm wearing my "Don't even bother" coat, my "bu%%er off" gloves, my "Are you flipping kidding me?" hat and my "You want me to what??" boots.
    Love you xx