Friday, 20 April 2012

Hi-Yah! Who Moi?

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I'm not sure whether it's just me that remembers the lovely Miss Piggy, going around Karate chopping everyone, whilst shouting Hi-Yah in a most unlady like way? However, I know that this is exactly what I look like on a Friday night!!

Many months ago No. 2 Son declared that he would only continue going to his Taekwondo class, if I joined in too, rather than sitting at the side watching him. Well I knew I wanted him to continue, it's been brilliant for his co-ordination, confidence and discipline, so what's a Mommy to do, but become the class Hefalump?
So every Friday night, I provide the entertainment for all the other parents sitting at the side, as I feebly attempt to jump, kick, spar, run, punch and block with a group of mainly children, more than half my age. One of whom I might add, is the Under 16 World Champion. The sight of a very inflexible, unfit, overweight, 41 year old mother of two is probably more tragic than amusing, to be honest. Thankfully I am only a White Belt so for a lot of the time I get to stand at the back of the class and on nights like tonight, when I haven't been for two weeks, it's just aswell. 
My view from the back of the class.
I think I might need an ice bath tonight, just to be able to move tomorrow!!!!

In Other News

Partial success today with the Chocolate Chip cookies, as recommended by Scarlet, from Tales Beyond the Nook on Lucy's Blog - Thank you Scarlet.

I didn't have the brown sugar the recipe called for, so I used Caster Sugar instead, but they weren't half bad.

Both Sons liked them, but DH, felt they hadn't set, as they were very soft in the middle. I did try and tell him they were meant to be like that, but what can I tell you, the man's a heathen, sometimes! 

Whilst on mt teabreak this morning I also started Crochet Blanket Project No. 2. I'll show you a picture when there's a bit more to see, as it's just a long chain at the moment. I am in slight danger of just starting lots of different things and not finishing them. I seem to already have a lot of Cross Stitch pieces like that. Hmm, best watch out as there is no more space in my dining room for more WIP's.

Til Tomorrow.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Your braver than me i dont think i would have been able to join in.
    My Mother inlaw has to start my crochet off for me,i can go round and round but just cant start.

    1. I'm too scaredy cat to do my first grading though. I have watched my son go through two belts and the examiners are really strict!

      As long as you want lots of nice big circles you'll be Ok! Ha,ha.

      Arwedd xx

  2. You can't go wrong if chocolate chips are involved!!
    Jane x

  3. The cookies look delicious. Did your hubby let them cool before he tried them? They do come out very soft but harden up a bit as they cool. I like the chocolate chip cookie recipe in the Be-Ro book, in fact, you can't go wrong with the recipes in there, all very simple (which I need) and plain ingredients. If you haven't got a book, they sell them for a couple of pounds on their website. Another lovely chocolately recipe is Orange 'Jaffa' Brownies on Shaheen's Allotment 2 Kitchen blog, here's the link
    They're always a hit in our house, and I know what it's like having fussy eaters. Like your hubby, mine wouldn't eat any veggies at all, that was until we got an allotment and now he eats most things. My son is a really picky eater. He's seventeen now and is getting better as he gets older. My thirteen year old daughter eats most things, like me.
    I'll stop now before this turns in to an essay, oh, it already has.

    1. But it was a lovely essay!

      I have never heard of the Be-Ro book, so I will go away and look it up.

      Thanks for all the brilliant suggestions. I have tried vanilla cookies today, but I will dip them in chocolate.

      Arwedd xx