Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nice weather for....?

Very sharp headache this evening - taken Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, to no avail, so I might just give it another hour and take some Asprin aswell. (Please do not believe that I have any medical knowldege whatsoever). Anyway, for this reason, I was aiming to do a short Blog this evening, but then I kept thinking of things I wanted to record, so it will no doubt end up as another of my essays.

Well what is it nice weather for? These little chaps? Certainly!

But in our little World, yesterday was nice weather for this.

Shortly after I met my DH, as well as discovering he came with a half built Hovercraft (see my earlier post here), I learnt that he had a passion for all things to do with the water. He loves Wind-surfing, although he doesn't do this much. He has been Water-skiing and he absolutely adores "Messing about on the Water" in Boats.

His family have been lucky enough to own one most of the time since he was born. The current one is called Lady Tess. I'd like to tell you she looks like this!

Veerry Nice Boat!
But she doesn't! She looks like this:-

She comes out of the water every year to have her hull cleaned and repainted and yesterday, during the worst of the torrential downpours we had on and off for most of the day, it was time for her to go back into the water. I'm not sure the pictures are really clear enough to see just how wet we all got, although I did shelter inside for the short trip around Plymouth Sound back to her berth, while DH was out on the front deck and FIL was upstairs, in the wet, steering.

DH on deck sorting ropes. 

Sadly, due to changes in fortunes, the family can no longer afford the exorbitant mooring fees, that's without the running costs etc so this lovely Lady is up for sale. Not sure how quickly that will happen, but this is likely to be our last Summer of lovely days out and evenings pootling up and down the river, so we must enjoy it while we can!

I was very pleased with myself yesterday, as I made my first few tentative steps towards being frugal and made our sandwiches to take with us, as well as a flask of coffee and made up a bottle of squash. Yeah-hey, I actually thought about it and executed it. We were lucky enough to be treated to a coffee in the local pub aswell, just to warm ourselves up, although MIL was disgusted with me that I should get my crochet blanket out in the pub for a quick few minutes extra work. Clearly I'm an embarassment!
Crochet on lap - bottom left

The weather today has not been an awful lot better and today's activity in the pouring rain? A little excitement in our day, when the nice lady from Tesco rang to say her van had broken down and we could either go and get our shopping from her over the other side of town or receive it possibly another day this week... maybe! So out we duly trotted in the car to go and collect our "delivery" and just as we joined the end of the queue of other people also collecting their deliveries so the heavens opened again. 
I'm still trying to work out how to get the cost of my delivery back, as I signed up a little while ago to pay my delivery costs in advance for 3 months, as you then got every delivery for £2.50 regardless what time slot. The only condition was you had to spend £40.00 each slot and I wasn't holding out much hope of getting my shopping bill below this in the next couple of months. Hmm?

What with all of this and Aquafit tonight, my fingers are starting to web over! From now on, I'm staying in the warm and dry. And why is it that when you get out of the swimming pool you can't get dry enough to get your clothes on? I got so frustrated tonight, that I have decided in future I am going to take a dressing gown, get out of the pool at the end and drive home in my cossie and dressing-gown. It is a private pool at a lady's house so I only have to go two foot from pool to car, drive home and go another two foot from car to front door. My Aunt would be very proud of me and my decision, as she is a woman with no shame. She once arrived at an Aquafit class to discover she had forgotten her swimming costume. Did she let this deter her? she did not. She got in the pool and did the class in her bra and pants and drove home with her underwear in her bag! I've decided I'm old enough not to care who sees me driving in my dressing-gown either, so there!!

I had more to write but now I'm off for that asprin, see you soon.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Hope the headache has gone now. Being an embarrassment is the story of my life - I love it - you go girl!!! Well done for the frugal efforts xx

  2. Proud of you for being an embarrassment....join the club!
    Jane x
    PS You do move in swishy circles...a private pool!

  3. LOL! You are so funny!! I too have often wondered about the not getting dry enough thing after swimming, but yet after a shower its fine - why?? Shame about the boat & good on you for your frugal efforts, after a while taking lunch with you will become a habit for all sorts of outings & I find I can often make nicer things than cafes. MIL's are funny things - sometimes I'm lead to believe I am a wonderful DIL & others it is quite clear that I am not up to the mark. Good luck with getting your delivery money back! Oh & one last thing, hope you got on top of that headache. Products with codeine work for me.

  4. Hope the headache has cleared and shame about the boat.It must be lovely to have days out at over peoples expense (sorry in laws)
    Well done on the frugality (is that a word,or have i made it up)
    Im the same with the dressing gown,when DD starts work at 6 am i take her in my dressing gown and slippers,dont know what i would do if i broke down lol.

  5. Congratulations on being an embarrassment....the more of us that do it the less embarrassing it becomes :-)

    It sounds like you are making good steps in frugality. Shame you will lose the use of the boat soon, that would have made for lots of frugal days out (if the in-laws cover the expenses).

    As Jane said you DO move in posh circles, days out on boats, private pools...brilliant!!

    Sue xx

  6. I know just what you mean about not being able to get dry, it puts me off going swimming. Hope you managed to get rid of the headache.

  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement on being an embarassment. I can see I am late in joining this movement but am prepared to enter it with gusto.

    The private pool obviously sound more posh than it actually is. I just meant it's not in a leisure centre or somewhere where I have to come out through a public area. Need to take photos next Tuesday to show what I mean. It's private but she runs public classes out of it, hard ot explain.

    Headache did clear up after the aspirin, (please don't try this at home!).

    Love all you guys!!

    Arwedd xx