Friday, 27 April 2012

My Daily Walk, seriously!

I walk to the local Primary School in the Village at least once every weekday. Most days twice there and twice back. The majority of the time I don't really 'see' things on my walk. On a Black Dog day that might be because I don't see or feel much at all, on other days it might be because we're rushing as No. 2 Son took so long getting his shoes on, or lately it has been because we are so bundled up and with my hood up, I have trouble even crossing the road.

Today the sun has been shining and I used this Blog as a reason to take my camera out with me and looked about me along the way.

A beautiful Blossom tree in my neighbours garden.

A little stream, normally dried up, but today babbling along.

Another beautiful blossom.

One of the many kitties along the route.

We have lots of Dartmoor dry stone walling around us, all flowering.

One of the neighbours doing their bit for the energy crisis.

A lovely use for some old railway sleepers.

No.2 Son is green with envy every time he sees this bike. It has me worried.

The beautiful yarns in the local wool shop. VERY expensive!!

An historic arch in the middle of the road.

This is normally as close to the school as I'm allowed to go. It's up behind the blue railing on the right and the gate is where the lady in the blue jacket is.

The Youf of Today

The only slight mar on my lovely walk today, was No. 2 Son's use of the English Language. When told an interesting fact, the normal response these days seems to be "Seriously?!" HE said this several times in the space of 9 minutes this morning.

Now is it just me that has the overwhelming urge to repeat said fact in a lower more serious tone of voice.

Me, on spotting a bumblebee: Bumblebees can travel up to 12miles from the nest to forage for nectar.

No.2. Son: Seriously?

Me, in a very grave and somber tone:  Bumblebees can travel up to 12miles from the nest to forage for nectar.

Now surely, he means, Really? or Truthfully? but seriously, does he seriously mean, Seriously?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. You have a lovely route to walk!
    The "seriously?" annoys me too .....oh the replies I have conjured up to that one (but never said in case I'm accused of being sarcastic).
    Jane x

  2. Amazing how we can see usual things in a different way when we choose to look. Mr Thrifty's current bugbear is people saying 'literally' in every sentence xx

  3. My grandchildren use the words "awesome" and "cool", the one that really rattles me is "sick" to describe something they really like. It's very difficult to keep sarcasm at bay when I hear the yoof of today.
    Nothing new though, I remember getting a slap when I was sixteen after I described my sisters new dress "putrid". My mum and dad rolled their eyes at the number of times I said "fab" and "Groovy".

  4. Your area looks so lovely & I love the blossom too. I've opened my eyes too when I am out walking - there is so much to see that is beautiful.
    When I get the 'seriously' type remarks I reply "no, I just made it up" or "no bumble bees don't fly that far, they drive their cars or take the bus" or something equally ridiculous. I love watching their reactions as saying 'seriously' is just a habit & they don't even know they've said it!!
    When asked a question about his day or what he did etc, one of mine "can't remember" or has "forgotten".....grrrr it's very frustrating!
    The current fad words here are 'gay' meaning silly or ridiculous. 'Lol' - we all know what that means in text talk, but they say lol. 'Sick' as Sals View's comment.

  5. My teenage daughter, like, simply has to say like, several times, like, in every like sentence that she like says? I also like put a question mark there as her and her like friends like raise the inclination of like their voices like at the end of every liking thing they like say to each other. like.

    I * DISLIKE* !!!

  6. We miss so much by simply not looking, there's so much to see if only we take the time to see them. I thought my daughter had made the comment above, she talks just the same.

  7. I agree on the seriously! Also, the over use of the verb, 'to do'. It's used inappropriately. The blog is looking wonderful, contact me vie mine whenever you're up for a cookery lesson, any Saturday is fine with me. Love Froogs xx

  8. Oh,what à beatiful walk. Here we have snow

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. All the misuse of the English/American made me really laugh.

    Sal - I still say "Fab" & "Groovy" - is that wrong? Like, Lol, that's seriously, sick, literally!!

    I hadn't realised how nice my walk actually was. I will appreciate it more in future.

    Arwedd xx