Thursday, 12 April 2012

Horses and Marbles

Welcome to my 12 new Followers, especially those who don't have Blogs of their own, as I haven't been able to stop by and say Thanks in person. It's great to have you along for the ride..........

( has to be a quick Blog tonight, as a friend has come down from the Midlands to stay with us in sunny Devon, and he has No. 2 son's bed. The ousted 8 year old is therefore sleeping on the floor in the study right next to my computer which has to go off in a minute, so he can sleep)


...... but speaking of riding, No 2 son this morning went on the only Holiday activity that I have paid for these school holidays, a morning of Horse Riding. It cost £20 for 4 hours, which I think wasn't too bad. First job was learning to scoop the poop!!

This was followed by lessons in how to groom the horse properly, all essential 'horsey' skills.

Then there was an hour in the Riding School, learning to stop, start and turn the horse aswell as, sitting tro and rising trot. He was actually pretty good at this. 

 Then they went off down the country lanes for a 'hack'.

What did I do while all this riding was going on? 

I sat in the sun crocheting squares and was approached by two of the other Mums, who were there to watch their own kids. I showed them my "Kids Learn to Crochet" Book, which was in my bag, and they both said they were inspired to give it a go. So, get me, I'm even spreading the craze.


Admittedly I have lost my marbles, I'm on the tablets to prove it, but I found lots of others at The House of Marbles where we went today for a lovely lunch with other friends with have co-incidentally also been holidaying in Devon this week. What a reunion. All the children were fascinated by the various marble runs, which grow in size from this

to this,
to the massive one, with snooker balls for marbles, which takes up the entire end wall of the building. If you come to Devon it is well worth a visit and is great for kids with a lovely play area. There is no entrance fee and the food is scrumptious. I don't work for the Devon Tourist Board, by the way!

And Finally

Work on my 3rd granny square has finished. I got all adventurous and tried one with a different centre, so these will now be winging their way to Fostermummy.

As my friend from Walsall said today....... Ta-ra-a-bit!

Lots of Love Arwedd xxx


  1. Can you play with the marbles ? Cuz it's no fun if you can't !
    Jane x

    1. You can't play with the ones in these runs I took pictures of, but there are plenty in the kids play area you can paly with. Ones that you can roll down tables in a kind of maze, ones you can roll around in a big funnel (like the coin colecting tubs), and thousands in buckets. Great fun!

  2. I'm going to have to get the children's crochet book back out of the library and have another go. I just seem to have a mental block where crochet is concerned. I can knit and sew, but crochet just seems beyond me.

    1. Honestly, it was really good for the very first basic steps and stitches. I'm hoping to try and make a nice blanket next for my friends birthday. I know she is someone who will appreciate a handmade item, unlike some of my family!!

  3. Amazing progress on the crochet - the cookery lessons are still available should you want them, I'm in Liskeard, just 20 minutes from the tamar - love Froogs xxx

  4. I definitely want them. Will ask FM to give you my number if that's Ok?

    Arwedd xx

  5. Hey you GO girl!!

    I think you should photo and blog each crochet step for anyone to follow - MUCH better than a book xxx