Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Where there's music, there's money

A lot of the time, I feel like I'm wading through treacle to move forwards. I'm sure some of you know what I mean. However, today has been a reasonably productive day.

I have to admit that the walk with No.2 Son to the local primary school was a bit tougher this morning than it was 2 weeks ago! Have I really got that unfit in just 14 days? It's a good job, I'm back to Aquafit classes tonight. 
The weight loss needs a bigger boost and only exercise is going to cut the mustard. My normal instructor is off on Honeymoon in Orlando, and the replacement was really pretty good. Everyone teaches so differently and it is nice to do some other actions for a change.

I have spent time today bringing lots of our old CD's down from the attic. DH and I seem to have accumulated rather a lot of them over the years and I have sat and entered all the Barcodes into the Music Magpie website. I only got £0.30p for most of them, a little more for a couple but the final total was £12.80 for 39 CD's and another box emptied from the attic. I have kept a few aside to put on eBay as they were special ones which might get £2 - £3 there and I also found a box full of 7" records which we may be able to get some money for. It didn't add up to a lot, but it will be more use than them collecting dust.

I also did a little more baking today. Another Mary Berry recipe for refrigerator biscuits. Most people probably know this one, but if not, I can blog the recipe. The book said you could keep the dough in the refrigerator and just cook one or two as needed, but I have done them all to start with as I did not buy any of the "boys", (I count DH as one of my boys), normal biscuits in the weekly shop. I'm hoping to do some rice krispie snaps later aswell to go in the Lunchboxes.

The Mini Chocolate Cakes from yesterdays cookery session must have been tasty as they all disappeared in fairly short time, although in fairness tfor three big boys, they were only a mouthful each. I will need to increase the quantities in future.

While I was up the attic today, I found these lovely examples of my Gi's crocheting. (Gi is Welsh for Grandmother). Whilst they don't really fit with my home decor, what there is of it, I am going to keep them in the bag with my own crochet projects as something to aspire to.

The last one is made with slightly thicker thread but I really like the circles.

I'm off back to the kitchen now. What nice things have you made today?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I made eight individual (we make them serve two) vegan quiche. One for dinner (with vegetables) tonight, the rest to freeze.
    My physio has me lifting free weights so I am going to continue with that once physio is over...I need to get fit again too.
    Jane x

    1. Ooo, I defintely need the recipe for that one, please, please, please. I have been looking at things I could make for the vegan Fostermummy who will be making a visit soon and struggling to find something.

      Well Done on keeping up with the Physio, it's not easy when I'm sure it hurts.

      Arwedd xxx

  2. Hi, lovely lace mats remind me of my darling nanna x Thankyou fro your lovely comment on my blog :) I'm going to have a real nosy at yours when I'm not supposed to be finding things online for work ( whoops _ I am on blogger again! )
    Nice to 'meet' you
    Rachel xx
    Ps I have 'THREE' kids too! , One is 15, one is 18 the other is 43!!

    1. Hi Rachelradiostar, Nice to 'meet' you too and thanks for becoming a Follower.

      Arwedd xx