Sunday, 15 April 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow ...

Welcome to my two new Followers. I'm delighted you've joined and hope you enjoy your visits.

Apologies for no post yesterday, our afternoon activity, led into an evening meal out and when we got back home at 9pm, the rest of the evening was spent preparing and packing the car for this morning's activity.


Some bright spark, I think it was DH, suggested that as my friend who was staying over always brings his walking boots when he comes to Devon, we should at least make good use of them. So I donned my boots too,

and we headed off for this lovely reservoir on Dartmoor for an afternoon walk in the sun.

Indeed it was nice and sunny when we arrived there, so we headed off down the trail, all looking the part, especially DH, who was wearing his new Gaiters. A Christmas present to replace the ones he had been wearing for the last 20 years, which were literally falling apart.

However, we were only five minutes down the track, no longer in sight of the carpark, when we heard the sound of thunder and we were immediately bombarded by thousands of hailstones. They do actually hurt!!

DH & No 1 Son sheltering under a tree
  Both sons, however, were keen to proceed so we were only allowed to shelter for a couple of minutes, before continuing through the hail. Half way around the trail a very helpful sign declared the path was out of commission and we were led on a diversion path through the forest. This turned our 4 mile walk into an 8 mile walk, through torrential rain and hail. Lovely!! To say we were soaked through when we arrived back at the car was an understatement. Sometimes, Lord, I'd prefer your Creation not to be so cold and wet - sorry! Having said that we were out in the fresh air and we had a laugh!

When we eventually dried out we turned up at another lovely pub, where our friend treated us to an evening meal as Thank You for letting him stay. How very kind of him.


Having arrived home quite late we packed up the car with lots of stuff to take to a Car Boot Sale this morning.

The date for the car boot has been on my white board for a couple of months now, so we plucked up the courage and went for it. DH and I are both quite shy people and we are terrible sales people, so we were dreading it. The sons were none too happy at being woken at 5am, but we did make it to our pitch for 6am. The results? - we sold about a dozen items and made £32.00. DH declared it was not worth the effort as we had to pack most of our goodies back into the car and he would rather have had the lie-in!! Indeed, I'm not sure if £36.00 is good or bad for this kind of event?

However, recalling my earlier post here, our eBay items ended today and we have sold 10 of the 22 items for £92.52. This will go into our savings as we are extremely conscious our expenditure still exceeds our income at present and my notice pay will not go far.

Now the big debate has started, should we bother trying again with a different car boot sale next Sunday, in a different location??

Also in relation to that earlier post, for anyone who is interested the maiden voyage of the Hovercraft can be seen here.

Juat as an aside for today, I have got excruciating pain this evening in my left wrist and elbow. I am wondering if this is too much time spent with my left hand in the "crochet" pose.

Still I have made 21 granny squares towards a blanket project for a friend's birthday. I am quite pleased with 21 squares since last Wednesday, but am hoping progress will not be halted by using muscles I clearly don't normally use.


No. 1 Son is Back to School tomorrow and is absolutely thrilled that No. 2 son has an extra day off, NOT. I guess the Primary school teachers need more rest!! Have been trying to think of something nice and cheap to do with No. 2 son, rather than "spend all [his] birthday money", which was his only request so far.

Will let you know what we come up with.

Oh, I nearly forgot........... I have checked the last two days and concluded I put my left sock on first. Didn't want to leave you hanging there with that one.

Off to iron school shirts.
Lots of Love Arwedd xx

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  1. Oh dear, repetitive crochet injury. Take it easy. I had top of arm ache for nearly a year and had to stop crocheting for a time. Relax your left arm a little every now and then when you crochet. It will make it easier. Stop the crochet if it gets bad. 21 squares is going great guns - I'm afraid you are also suffering from Grannymania. It will last a while!
    Love from Mum