Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I'm a Winner!

Having spent the most delightful day with the marvellous, amazing, gorgeous, Fostermummy and her Man Wonderful, I feel like I have won first prize!

Crochet lessons first started with an 8.00mm hook and a very frugal way to crochet, using cut up old T-shirts. Trust Fostermummy to combine frugality and craft to achieve the best of both worlds!

Within minutes I was having my second lesson, how to change colour and hey presto:-

It may not look like much yet, but this is going to make a great potholder, or table mat, or possibly a few other, equally useful, ideas.

We stopped for lunch and I got a much needed lesson in how to make Chapattis, aswell. This is definitely one I am going to try at home. 

These were a great accompaniment to the delicious Veggie curry, Fostermummy had cooked up. If you want the recipe I'm afraid you'll have to ask her, as I wasn't watching for this one and my cooking skills are lagging even further behind my crochet skills. All I know is it was yummy!!

After lunch, we started in on the crocheting in earnest, and these are my hands actually crocheting a Granny Square, under Fostermummy's watchful eye.

Several cups of Man Wonderful's lovely coffee later and I left with a load of lovely goodies to start, what will no doubt, become a large wool and hook collection.

I also left with plans for another day, when I can reciprocate with a lesson for Fostermummy on making Iris Fold Cards or any of the other things I do know how to make (sadly, there aren't many). I simply can't wait.

My day was only slightly marred by arriving home to find a poorly son and DH not knowing quite what to do, but after some dosing up with good ol' Calpol, I was able to put him to lie down and spend another couple of hours to turn the start of my square above into my first ever Granny Square. Hooray!

This was followed only slightly more quickly by Granny Square Number 2:-

I'm not sure entirely why, as the yarn appeared to be the same, but the second one only took 5 rounds to get a 12cm x 12cm square, rather than six rounds? Either way, I'm on a roll and now starting Square 3. These I am hoping to send back to Fostermummy to add to the Bloggy Blanket. If you want to know more about this go to and check it out. 

The person who receives it won't appreciate it is my first ever Granny Square, I'm sure, but I know I will feel a warm glow inside, knowing it is adorning someone's lap somewhere, and hopefully Fostermummy and Mum will be proud of me!!

 All I can say is a huge Thank You to Fostermummy and Man Wonderful. Can't wait until the next time.

You could be a Winner Too!

 If you'd like to Win a Day with Fostermummy and have a wonderful, happy day like mine, pop along and follow her Blog at and sign up to be one of her Followers. You will be inspired and entertained, I know.

Now back to the crochet ......................

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. WOOHOO, you!!
    I can't crochet you think Fostermummy would pop over to Canada to teach me one afternoon?
    Jane x

    1. Jane, I guarantee if she could pay for the flight, she would be there in a flash!! She's a real treasure.

      Arwedd X

  2. Wow check out those crochet squares! Well done you are a quick learner.

    How did you make chappatis? I would love to learn to cook bread type products.

    1. Hi Sarah, it was literally 3 ingredients, white flour, wholemeal flour and water!! Who knew? Well, probably everyone except me!

      I will just check the right quantities, etc, with Fostermummy and get back to you!

      Arwedd x

    2. Sarah, Fostermummy has kindly put up the recipes on her Blog at

      Have a go and Blog your results and I will do the same, then we can compare if the 3 look identical ! ;-)

  3. Told you you could do it - well done - great squares xxx

  4. Brilliant squares, well done.

    Sue xx

  5. Will blog the recipe for lunch and the Chappatis now - dead easy and v v frugal!
    I had a super fun day!!
    Fostermummy xxx

  6. Yeah - this is the beginning of something big. Once you get the crochet bug it's very difficult to shake it off - Calpol won't do it! Fostermummy is brilliant as always and I'll link your post here to the Bloggy Blanket page and then everyone will see what effort has been put into the making of the blankets. Thanks so much.
    Love from Mum

  7. I'm a card-maker who is learning to knit (with difficulty!)and am also aiming at some stage to learn to crochet too. I'm left-handed but knit right-handed - wonder which hand I'll use to crochect? Love your granny squares :)

    1. Will be checking out the results on your Blog.Good Luck

      Arwedd xx