Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bank Holiday 5k

Although it hasn't been brilliant weather here in Devon today, I was determined that we would all get out and do something different for the Bank Holiday. Otherwise the boys don't really appreciate that they have had an extra day off school.

So after a late start we made our way to this beautiful seafront esplanade for a leisurely stroll.

All along this seafront there is a lovely wide tarmaced path, wide enough for a cycle/scooter lane and a pedestrian lane. It goes around the far end of the beach you can see in the distance and further on for another 1.5 km.

I did warn the boys before we went that there would be no stopping in bars or cafes for meals etc and although I didn't take drinks or supplies with us, I was clear that no-one would die of dehyration before we got home again. DH & I did plan to make an exception for an ice-cream at one of the kiosks on the way back to the car, but by the time we got back that far, it was 17:05 and they had shut, so fate helped me be even more frugal than I planned.

There were loads of kite surfers out on the water and the sight of all their kite sails was fabulous!

I had downloaded an App to my iPhone on Saturday to help with tracking my Walks etc and today I measured the walk along the seafront as exactly 2.51km from one end to the other. So I was amazed to discover that in the hour we spent out, I had walked the 5k I will have to do for my Race For life, and I didn't even notice it! It was, therefore, a great training walk. A bit breezy, but the sea air blew away the cobwebs. Today has been difficult diet wise, feeling very hungry and it's only Day 3. Also had a bit of a cheat with, not one, but two, Cadbury's chocolate fingers at the Prayer Course meeting tonight, Oh dear. Well it was rude not to!

Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday too.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. What a lovely walk! I must find that App too. LOL I had to supply afternoon tea for the bankers that were visiting today - I made biscuits & chocolate cake......the bottom broke off the cake on one side as it came out of the tin! So even I have things that don't turn out as they should!!

  2. the weather looks great and lovely pictures.I need to start being healthy but too many other things get in my way.
    Glad you had a good day

  3. Oh that does look like a nice walk - keep it up xx

  4. Well done on your lovely walk. Looks beautiful.

    X x