Friday, 4 May 2012

I need to be a Zebra

or The Importance of Goal Setting

First Things First

Still not impressed with the speed of our new Broadband Connection. Before the switch over we had 4 Meg, now we are down to 0.3 Meg. The units are not important really, all you need to know is that downloading the images for tonight's Blog, is taking forever, Ggrrrr!! What did we do before all this technology?


Oven part ordered over the Internet, has arrived, has been fitted by DH and oven is now back in operation. Woohoo!! Maybe now I can cook the biscuit mix I had made before it blew up. Hopefully can now try out a few new recipes over the Bank Holiday weekend. A friend suggested I try some from CBeebies, she obviously realises my level of capability!!

More Importantly - Goal Setting

I went to my G.P. yesterday, ostensibly to be doled out some more tablets, to keep me from becoming a problem, while I wait the interminable wait for some actual "talking" therapy, which ultimately is the only thing likely to stop me being a drain on the system in the first place. No, don't get me started on the state of this country's mental health services or this post would never end. Anyway, my G.P. is actually a lovely chap, who has been very kind to both DH and I, since all this started. Whatever, you might think about his advice, at least he takes the time to listen and to try and support with some advice and I do believe he really cares. (Hopefully I'm not just being naive).

He could see I was more Blah! than I was last month when I went to see him, and when I explained it was hard to get motivated to do anything, he reiterated what I do know already, that it is important for people with depression to set themselves goals. Not to beat themselves up with, but to try and keep them moving forwards. He stressed again the importance of exercise and whilst I have managed to keep up the Aquafit and the Taekwondo, my enthusiasm has definitely fallen into a slump, and the exercise I was doing has gone by the board. He was kind enough not to mention the fact that I am "Obese", and I was too chicken to tell him I've put on 3 pounds in the last month.

However, in the interests of giving me goals to aim for, and to increase my exercise, to get all those lovely endorphins released to raise my spirits, he set me a Challenge. Sign up for a 5k Race for Life and start getting sponsorship, so I make myself accountable for it to people. Then get a training plan in place to get ready for it. Once I've done that, then sign up for a 10k Race for Life next and after that sign up for a half Marathon. Now I had been thinking of doing the 5k Race for Life this year for a little while. Indeed, every time the advert comes on, No.2. Son says, you're doing that again aren't you Mommy! However, the thought of me doing a half Marathon is frankly ludicrous, but when I said "Running isn't really my thing. I don't do running."  He explained that I needed to be a Zebra. 

He said that it's all very well for us humans, we are fortunate enough that if we wake up feeling a bit under the weather and can't be bothered to do anything, we can just sit in an armchair or lie on the couch and relax. If you are a Zebra and you wake up and see the rest of the Dazzle (yes that is a collective noun for Zebras), moving on, you can't say to yourself, "Really? must we move on to another watering hole? I'm not really in the mood for it today, can't we just stay here? Tell you what guys, you all move on the next place, I'll just lie back down here". No you can't - because what happens if all the other Zebras move on and you're left on your own? Mmm,num,num, a lion gets a tasty snack, that's what happens! So I have to be a Zebra and just keep moving forward whether I feel like it or not, not wait until I feel like it to move forwards!!

In the interests of being a Zebra, I am now fully signed up for my 5k Race for Life in July. It cost me £14.99 for the privilege. I don't suppose I can take that out of the sponsorship money? No, no, sorry, what am I talking about? Of course I can't, sorry! In fact, I'm not sure I'd be able to anyway, because I'm rubbish at asking people to sponsor anything, still, even if I only tell people I'm doing it, that's the point. I have also started a new page to record my weight loss and for the first couple of weeks a food diary to get me started. Now the thought of putting my weight loss (or more probably lack of loss), out there in the public domain for all to laugh at and criticise is making me very shaky, but I guess accountability can be like that and I have to be a Zebra. Zebras don't spend all their time thinking about what they should or shouldn't do, or what the other Zebras think of them, they just keep moving forwards. So new Page done and weight declared! Oh Lord, I feel I may regret that sooner rather than later.

I'm worn out just from the thought of what I have to do, so I'm going for a quick lie down. There's no lions about are there?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I'm going to have to remember the zebra analogy!
    Jane x

    1. It's cool isn't it, I'm actually looking forward to my next Doctors appointment!

      Arwedd xx

  2. Your son is a genius! The zebra thing is brilliant. I think targets are important for everyone. Whether it's mental health, physical health or not spending every evening blancmanging out on the sofa. We all need something to be trying for.

    1. Loving your use of the word blancmanging. There's one sure thing, if you don't try you'll definitely never succeed.

      Arwedd xx

  3. Having read both your posts I am right behind you. Look, if I can get my butt out the door (I started about 3 years ago) and go walking you can!! I had lots of reasons why I couldn't, but look at me now - I can climb mountains with a heavy pack on my back, ok the smaller ones I admit, no cramp on's required lol. Good on you for signing up for the 5k race, I will be cheering you on from here :) I look forward to following your progress, both fitness & weight. I've finally hit the place where the tops of my legs are actually look toneded & I LOVE IT, that's my motivation nowadays as I would like them to be totally toned. I've hit brick walls along the way, such as my walking buddy being unavailble, now I take my iPod. Take you camera, enjoy the scenery, the wildlife, the colours, the sun, the rain, it is all good.
    One of my philosophies is to always look forward & try not to spend too much time dwelling on the past as you cannot change it - it kinda fits with the zebra my mind anyway. Go YOU :))

    1. The tops of my legs might be the subject of a future post. One day maybe mine will look as good as yours. Fingers crossed.

      Arwedd xx

  4. My dear I am with you on this one. I can not run, fact... I look like an elephant having some kind of fit. But I have to do it. Infact if I don't I will be the size of an elephant. I will pop over to your other page now and join you on your challenge. My hubby has signed me up for a 5k race for charity and as its through work I have no chance of not doing it.

    It amazes me that I could climb 3 of the UKs highest mountains in less than 24 hours but I can't run for a few minutes. Crazy.

    X x

  5. Our broadband connection drives me absolutely potty!!!!!
    I would re-iterate the value of excercise. Also meditation, voluntary work and singing are really good ways to bring sunshine into your life.
    Good luck with it all.
    God bless