Thursday, 24 May 2012

House clearing

At the moment everywhere I look around my garden, drive, paths, we are over-run with ants. It seems they like this lovely sunny weather we're having too and have all come out to walk around in the sunshine.

Not so lovely when the path they are walking goes through the middle of the house. Thankfully not my house, although that has been known, but the house belonging to our two bunny wabbits, Speedwell and Bigwig. So today, a spot of house clearing was in order, just a bit earlier in the week than the normal cleaning job.

Out with all the old sawdust, straw, food leftovers, and general waste. All of which will go for composting, I'm told rabbit poo is a brilliant fertiliser, maybe I could sell bags of it to the local gardeners? A good cleanout, then a brushout and a spray around with rabbit friendly hutch cleaner.. 
Bigwig evicted for the clearout!

Nice clean sawdust back in and Bigwig enjoyed a lovely lie down next to his tea. 

The hutch our rabbits live in was originally built by a chap as a dog kennel, bought by us for £10.00 when he moved and converted by DH so the front wall with his archway in, turned into two mesh doors, with plenty of ventilation and somewhere to clip their water.
Don't get too settled, Speedwell, I'm cleaning that corner next!
 Bigwig and Speedwell have quite a large run, much bigger than any shop bought run and they make full use of it. They often play games in the early morning running around, hopping and they jump quite high and twist in the air. You can actually tell they are having fun, I know it sounds soppy, but it's true. They have a catflap which swings loose both ways and they come and go, in and out, whenever they please. They generally come in when it is pouring down, very wise.
Bigwig demonstrating the cat flap, but he's a bit quick!!

I tried something different today, with bits and pieces that had been in the freezer and store cupboard for months, Taco Shells. I must have seen them one day and decided they looked like a good idea, but then changed my mind. However, today after mincing down the carrots and onions, plus a pepper, now becoming a routine to hide the veggies, 

then frying off with the beef mince, 

I added a small amount of the pack of seasoning, as my lot are not particularly into spicy food,

added the water and left it to simmer down. 

I also added a good dollop of tomato ketchup, as per Froogs instructions to make it a bit sweeter and more familiar.

At the end warmed the Taco shells themselves and served with oven chips.

No. 2 Son wanted to know what the orange bits were and barely touched it, so I may have been rumbled, but the other two made their way through it. Not a huge success, but veggies eaten, items from store cupboard used after being there a few months and frozen mince from the freezer, (that had also been there a few months) also used up. More room for the things they prefer in future.

Are your pets troubled by home invasions, too? Any tips on how to solve the problem gratefully received.

Off out now as DH is insisting I get some exercise in today and it's still warm enough to walk, not sure I fancy a jog!

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. WOW If I was one of your bunny wabbits I'd run and jump for joy too - what a lovely run and hutch they have [sorry can't help with the ant invasion, pesky things] Your Tacos look very tasty and I've decided to try them on my kiddies - thanks for the info

    Helen x

    1. Cool, let me know how you get on.

      Arwedd xx

  2. We get ants in the kitchen sometimes. I mix Borax with a weeny bit of sugar and place it near where the ants are coming in. The ants pick up some Borax and take it back to the Queen ant. She eats it and dies. No Queen = the ants will move away.
    I've also heard (but not tried it) that ants won't cross over Vaseline.
    Jane x

    1. Where do you buy Borax from, I've never heard of that?

      Arwedd xx

    2. Borax is a vailable from health food stores or sometimes the detergent section in grocery stores. It's a laundry detergent booster...I use it in my laundry powder.
      Jane x

  3. That is a very cool hutch & run you have there for your rabbits - who incidentally look very cute :) Sorry no ideas for ants. My boys always thought they didn't like onion & would often ask what the pieces of it were in their food - I used to tell them it was 'flavour' which worked for a number of years, now they are on to me, but funnily enough they also like it now. This might work for carrot?

  4. Check out my blog for "friendly" ant deterrent!