Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Memorial Ideas

As I have been asked not to attend my Nanna's funeral tomorrow, I have been trying to come up with something else the Boys and I can do to mark the day.

I did think about sending up a Sky Lantern, but with this lovely sunny weather we're having, it won't be dark enough, early enough for No. 2 Son's bedtime tomorrow, to make it effective. Currently, I am thinking about sending some paper boats down the local river. Not sure if you're allowed to do that?

Any ideas, gratefully received.

On a more slightly more upbeat note and in an attempt to get back in the saddle, here are some updates.

No. 2 Son got to hold all £200 worth of Tiegan's Olympic Torch, which was special for him. 

All 3 boys played in the Parent and Child Hockey tournament night, last night and I know I really shouldn't laugh, but DH is making some very strange noises today with all his aches and pains.

There were about 50 taking part in all and they were all split up across ages, skill, gender to create mixed teams, but No. 1 Son's team came first so he was very pleased.

Finally, today, I got the courage up to have a go at making the Chicken and Chorizo pie the wonderful Frugal Queen taught me. 8 carrots, 1 onion, 1 green and 1 red pepper blitzed in, so plenty towards their 5 a day. I was worried that the pastry was too wet when I took it out of the food processor, but it rolled out Ok.
I also wasn't too sure how long it would take to cook, as I hadn't written down the cooking time, so I had to put it back in a bit longer. I took a chance when it looked brown but not burnt.

When No. 1 Son said, on receiving his plate, "I didn't know you could make pastry!. I said , quite honestly, "neither did I!".  No 2 Son said, "You can't have made it Mommy, it's not black". Children, can't live with them, can't live ..... no just, with them!!!

The verdict, they all loved the pastry but they didn't like the filling. I'm amazed, I thought it would be the other way around. Next time, maybe no chorizo or paprika, need to make the filling a different flavour.

On the subject of cooking, I have saved all the bread loaf crust/ends, since Froogs told me not to waste them, but what can I do with a bag of frozen bread crusts?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Make bread crumbs for coating things in...use to make stuffing...add to nut roasts (for me, meatloaves for you),sprinkle on the bottom of fruit pies to prevent the crust getting soggy, cut into cubes and make croutons...
    Jane x

  2. Ummmm - not too good at thinking of things like memorials, you sound like you have some good ideas though. What about planting a tree in the garden in her honour? We have memorial trees in our front paddock.
    The pie looks fab - who said you can't cook? I think your boys will come around to new flavours, take the subtle route and over time you will be able to up the spices as they get used to them.
    I whizz crusts before I freeze them into plastic bags then they are ready to go as crumbs which I use from frozen for toppings on things like fish pie etc.
    Another suggestion - how about slicing potatoes into wedges, skin on & coating with olive oil, a sprinke of salt & bake until golden & tender. You can pimp them up by adding other things like garlic flakes, chopped rosemary, spices. My boys devour these. Sometimes I serve them with sour cream & chilli sauce.
    Love the hockey photos!
    Look after yourself. Sx

  3. I was thinking of maybe a good memorial would be to plant something... what was her favourite plant/flower? Are there any with the same name as her? Maybe you could all plant it together. Maybe visit a place that she loved and read a poem/prayer... or maybe just all talk about the favourite memory that you have of her...
    On the pie issue... my 3 year old HATES chorizzo and paprika. I only now know this after trying to tempt him with several different recipes and him refusing saying it tastes 'horrible' - the only common thing was the chorizzo! Keep going - your pie looked gorgeous!!! I tried the same recipe and whilst mine tasted nice - yours looks sooo much better!! Vanessa xx

  4. I think I'd plant something like a Honeysuckle as a reminder - pretty flowers and lovelt fragrance. Your Pie looks lovely, I've never done pastry!

    Helen x

  5. I too think about planting something, we planted a tree for my Grandpa which was a lovely reminder especially when it came into blossom. The pie looks great, instead of chorizzo what about chicken and mushroom? xx

  6. I've not been on Blogger for a while so this is the first post of yours that came up. I'm going to read back now - but I am so sorry to hear you had sad times. In my garden I have a little Holly bush planted for someone special - I chose it because it is evergreen and always alive - which it what I feel in my heart xx

  7. Thanks everyone for the ideas and compliments on the pie. I liked the taste of it, but then I like the taste of almost everything!!

    I think I will plant something.

    Arwedd xx

  8. Planting something is good.
    What about a rosemary bush - rosemary is the herb traditionally associated with remembrance. It is also really hardy [it is one of the few things I have kept alive in my garden - I even transplanted it when I moved - twice - my plant now over 28 yrs old]

    another idea is a memory book/memory box in which you write things down/store little items you treasure

    love and prayers xx