Sunday, 20 May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

This afternoon, as promised we went out to watch the Olympic Torch being carried through Paignton, Devon.

We decided to watch the stretch completed by the very beautiful Tiegan Flay, who attends the same Taekwondo class as No. 2 Son and I on a Friday night, as this would mean more to him. Tiegan is just 13 years old and has been Taekwondo training since the age of 8. She has competed at local, national and international championships, but her proudest moment was representing England in the WKA (WORLD KICKBOXING ASSOCIATION) World Championships held in Spain, where Tiegan brought home 2 X Silver medals. On a regular basis she travels a 250 Mile round trip to train with the England Squad team and the 'Flowering Youth' Demo team (an elite demonstration team of 16 young children from across the country, who have shown great potential in Tae Kwon Do). Due to Tiegan's hard work, determination and her love for Martial Arts she has won over 150 medals (100 being Gold), giving her the title of 'British' and 'English' Taekwondo champion four years in a row. I don't think she views me as any kind of opposition for her title yet, but just you wait. Once I've got those Press-ups mastered, she'd better look out. Hahaha.

Here is No. 2 Son in his specially homemade T-shirt with torch.

No. 2 Son holding a banner, not sure why he looks upset, he was fine moments later.

Quite a large entourage preceeding the torch.

Then the bus to drop Tiegan off, lots of cheers accompanied her arrival.

 The very beautiful Tiegan, resplendent in her white tracksuit, torchbearer No. 74.

Another Bus, whose that on the side?

Guess what? another bus. Where is that torch?

Tiegan gets a last minute briefing from the Metropolitan Police Cyclist.

 A smile for the crowd, but still no flame.

At last, the flame is here. Go Tigz!!

Then a very brief  300 metre jog down the road and she jumped back on the shuttle bus you see behind the torch.

Well Done Tiegan, you truly deserved your 15 secs of flame and You looked fabulous. Hurrah!

Lots of Love Arwedd xx 


  1. History in the making and you were there.
    Love from Mum

  2. The entourage went right past our house: police bikes, coaches, the lot - but didn't see the "flame" as we are between stages! lol

  3. What Fun! Cool that you know Tiegan, it makes the who event much more meaningful. The whole process is not how I imagined it. I thought they would hand over the same torch, not just the flame, but I guess it is all about the flame not the torch.

  4. I think Devon and Cornwall came out of it all really well in the end. Some parts looked stunning and really good to see some great people carrying the torch