Thursday, 10 May 2012

Inspiring People

I am inspired by many people, in many different ways. Some people inspire me to be more creative and artistic, some people provide biblical inspiration and help me to grow spiritually, and other people inspire me to become a better me, a better mother, wife, friend, person. One person, in particular, inspires me just to breathe in and out, that one's quite hard to explain.

There is one person who inspires me to be brave and keep on fighting, and reminds me that no matter how bad things are, or just feel for me, there is always someone worse off. When my DH spent his agonising month in the Bristol Heart Institute, he saw a young lady one day, prowling the ward corridor in her wheelchair. He thought she looked like she was on the search for someone to talk and he thought he would oblige. I don’t suppose it had anything to do with how pretty this particular young lady was. They got chatting and he discovered she is an incredibly intelligent (graduated from King’s College with a BSc (Hons) ), immensely funny individual with several debilitating conditions. Her name? Hannah Ensor or as she is affectionately known in our house, Bendy Girl. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Hannah has Hyper Mobility Syndrome, which makes her much, much too bendy. So bendy in fact, that it is hard for her to walk as her legs just bend and so bendy that she cannot now hold a pen and write for too long or her fingers just bend out of shape. It is for this reason that Hannah draws Stickmen/women. They are quick enough for her fingers to do. Hannah also has a condition called POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) where her heart does not cope well with her standing or sitting upright; the reason why she was on the Cardiac ward with DH. Despite all her problems and just the daily struggles of being a person in a wheelchair, read THIS, if you don’t know what I mean, Hannah is able to maintain her sense of humour and is a total inspiration to me.

Hannah’s Stickmen have proved so popular that they have now been made into several books and I would highly recommend them. Both “You Know You Have…” books are really funny and she has a couple of books great for Kids. If you do want to buy these and support a brilliant cause then do so via her own website , rather than from Amazon, who eat up a lot of the profit. Apologies for the quality of the photos.

... you have so many falling styles that they can actually be categorised.

I’m not sponsored or linked to her in any way, by the by, other than that if ever I’m feeling that life has dealt me a duff hand, reading her Blog has a way of making me buck up my ideas and also makes me smile and laugh. What an inspirational woman she is!

So tell me, who inspires you and why?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Some people are amazing aren't they.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you. Your post really gave me a boost during a tough week. Thank you again. Hannah.