Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Big Thaw

Main job for today was defrosting the big freezer in the garage. It's not romantic or sexy, but hey, it's my life, give me a break!

While I shuffled back and forth with buckets of icy water, my DH & No.1 Son tried to turn the wilderness of our back garden into something a bit more dignified. I'm not entirely sure why it is, that all I can manage to grow is Dandelions, but our rabbits never complain. They just love them.



The rabbits hutch has moved place in the garden temporarily, in preparation for work to take place on the fence. Previously they were right next to the fence and now they live right over the garden steps! This should give them a chance to ruin a completely different part of the garden. Hey ho!

After I finished scraping the plastic off until my oven racks were gleaming again 

and so as not to disappoint No.2 Son, I did attempt another cake today. This one was a bit of a cheat as it was out of a packet. It's been in the cupboard quite a while but I haven't had the courage to give it a go. Just one more stupid question, perhaps all you lovely ladies can help me with. When I cracked one of the eggs it had lots of red blobs in it. It wasn't egg shell, as the break on the shell was quite clean, so is this Ok?

The mixture was quite runny when it went into the tray 

and although it was quite level when it went in the oven, it didn't seem to rise evenly. Is this something I did or do they always go like that?

It seemed to taste Ok, although DH & No.2 Son gave me some tips for "improvement". I don't know whether they think I am actually looking for constructive criticism - I'm NOT! It didn't look so bad though once I put the topping on.

Having made one card already, I wonder if you can guess who for, I am now planning to dedicate myself to an evening of cardmaking, while I look out and admire the mess that is my back lawn.  

Have a good one, lots of love Arwedd xx


  1. Oh so now it did! Right I said I bet the card is for a fabulously thrifty quilty lady who is a brilliant blogger!

    Next I wondered if you buy free range eggs like I di where the chickens have been running around in the meadows of the organic wonderful place Free as erm well birds with full access to natural spring water bubbling up in an idyllic spot, with free access to gym, jacuzzi sauna n a five Michelin starred granary bin - that somehow they've been fertilised??

    Then I wished you a lovely crafty evening as I contemplate getting my knitting needles out!! Let's hope this one publishes or I'll give up! X

    1. You could be be right.

      I do use free range eggs normally.

      Hope you had a nice evening knitting.

      Arwedd xx

  2. That cake looks fab & so does the card! Cakes rising like that is perfectly normal - well to me anyway - someone with a food science degree may be able to offer exactly why, but I wouldn't worry about it. If it was say a round cake & you were wanting it to look perfect you could slice the high bit off, turn it upside down & ice the bottom. I don't do this as it would be a waste of good cake & spoil the look of a good homemade cake!
    As for the eggs, it is blood that you found. If there is lots I would throw the egg & use another. If it is a spot or two, use one half of the egg shell to scoop it out/off. This method also works when you are separating whites & yolks if you mess it up a little, but once again if there is too much contamination just throw it away & start again. I usually break my eggs one at a time into a small bowl or tea cup & that way if there is something wrong it isn't in my mixture.
    I have struck the blood thing with all sorts of eggs including our own very free range hens, factory farmed, even bought organic eggs.
    Keep up the good work & I look forward to your next installment on the cooking front. Sx

    1. I thought it might, oops. Thankfully no-one seems adversely affected. If they all start clucking, I'll start worrying.


      Arwedd xx

  3. Your cake looks lovely - mine never rise evenly, I always put it down to the oven lol.
    I like the card too - very crafty of you

    Helen x

    1. Glad it's not just me.



  4. Do you have room for another bunny+hutch+run? We need to rehome bunny wabbit . . .FMx

    1. I would love to, but not sure if I can persuade my DH!

      Arwedd xx